How to: 5 Ways to start romanticising your life today

Saturday, 4 June 2022

 "She ran along a narrow, dark path until she reached an empty clearing. As the sun shined it’s light, she feasted her eyes upon a field of green speckled with tiny dots of yellow. Nestled in the middle, was a blanket white as snow, with a wired telephone laying silent upon it. As she drew closer, she noticed the blanket was laid with all of her favourite things. Succulent and sweet strawberries, a dainty bunch of buttercups, clear glasses of crystal and ice cold jugs of lemonade. She picked up the old telephone that lay silent on the sheet and spoke “Hello, it’s the future calling, its time to romanticise your life”

Romanticise (verb) -  To deal with or describe in an idealized or unrealistic fashion; make (something) seem better or more appealing than it really is.

To romanticise and to glamourize is a phrase I have heard used in so many different contexts over the years. But it has never felt more fitting than it does now. We are coming out of 2 year long pandemic, mourning our past selves, entering into a new era of deep dark recession and men are being more chaotic and wild as ever, if now is not the time to start romanticising your life I don’t know when is. Keep on reading for 5 ways you can start to romanticise your life today:

  1. Take pretty photos -  Photos hold so much meaning in our lives, one photo can tell an entire story and a story is a memory. Take photos of yourself running through lavender fields, nestling under wisteria branches, take photos being silly and just enjoy the essence of being you. 
2. Be the main character -  There’s something so satisfying and liberating about being the main character...I don't think enough people realise just how special and amazing they are. They proceed to live a life catering to others, forgetting their boundaries and not being selfish enough. Well here's your permission to start being more selfish and have your main character moment, because you really are it. So wear the pretty dress, run through that field, kiss that guy in the rain and throw that extravagant party. You are the moment, you know you are, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

3. Go on a date with yourself - We've just come off the back of a really horrible pandemic and throughout it many people lost their sense of self and the very essence of who they are as individuals. It's important to reconnect with yourself and start to love who you are again.  Go on solo travel trips, go on dinner or movie dates with yourself, doing these things will help you start reconnecting to the essence of you and who you have now become post-pandemic.

4. Meet new people -  I spoke above about re-connecting to yourself, but I also think romanticising your life is about re-connecting to others too. Go out, start a new hobby, take a walk to the park, go to a concert, meet new people, have deep conversations and embrace being in their company
5. Love yourself - Perhaps the most important one of all. Love who you are. Love your flaws. Don’t let anyones son steal your shine and embrace everything about you, you are truly amazing.

How do you romanticise your life? Will you try any of the above tips? 

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  1. Yes! I love this idea; especially as it's collectively been such a difficult time over the last couple of years. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration!


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