5 Ways to Be More Mindful in London

Saturday, 3 March 2018

London is a place of immaculate beauty. It's planes, skyscrapers and cultured inhabitants are all ingredients in a recipe that makes London a little bit spectacular. I have walked many a London Street in the many years that I have lived here and I have always deemed it to be a relaxing place. Amidst the hustle and bustle of this metropolitan like city, are multiple sights, smell and sounds, all of which can be consumed in a mindful and relaxing way.

Mindfulness is an ancient practice that allows us to become more aware of our surroundings and ourselves. It aids us to become more present, notice the everyday and basically live for the moment. I have been practicing mindfulness for almost 2 years now and have discovered London to be quite the blank canvas for mindful activity. London is full of so many opportunities to practice mindfulness, so in this post, I am going to share 5 ways that I have been doing this for the last couple of years. I hope you find it useful!

1) Take mindful Train Journey: 

Taking a train journey around London can be just as scenic as taking one in the countryside. When we're on trains we're often so fixated on getting to where we need to go that we forget to notice the actual process of getting there. So next time you hop onto a train, try to take some time to stop, look and listen to the sights, sounds and smells of the great outdoors as they hurtle past your window. It really is a relaxing thing to do and it helps to take your mind off any extra ruminations e.g. running late, wearing the wrong outfit etc.

2) Go for a night time stroll: 

Have you ever wondered around London at night? I recently got a chance to do this again for the #MegaMysteryBusTour  after not having done this in a while and I was so amazed at how much beauty goes unnoticed when rushing around during the day. Walking around the city at night, allows us to pay more attention to the finer details, buildings are often lit up with ambient lighting and everything just looks that little bit more real. This is definitely a fun way to become more aware of the beauty that resides in the world around us - even after the lights have gone out!

 3) Venture into the Unknown:

Have you ever walked around the London Streets with absolutely no idea, where you're going? This is something that I used to do all the time while I was at uni. Wandering off down side streets were probably some of my favourite adventures, when I knew not where they led but the hidden beauty I would discover at the end of them. Venturing off into the unknown is something that can help us to notice London's beauty and is something that is mindful and relaxing at the same time.

 4) Eat Out:

 Mindful eating is perhaps one of the most easily accessible mindful activities that is used by people. And if you're nothing like me (impatient food consumer for the world) you'll do fine with this practice. Mindful eating involves noticing and becoming more aware of every taste, texture, smell, shape and sound of the food that is being consumed. Why is the perfect for London you ask? Well London has the largest array of cultured restaurants that I know of and mindful eating is the perfect excuse for you to go out and try every single one. They'll allow you to become more aware of the food that you consume and in turn allow you to become more appreciative of it.

5) Just Be:

One of the easiest ways to be mindful in London is to literally 'just be'. And to just be, means to do just that. It means accepting things for what they are in the present moment, appreciating all that there is around you and living the path that your life has taken. In doing so, we often begin to feel a sense of calm within our hearts and a growing light within our souls. You should try it guys, it is a really helpful practice. 

Being more mindful in London can help us to switch off during the rush hour of a morning commute,  it can help us to appreciate the hidden beauty that lies between the lines of the city's skyscrapers. But most importantly it can help you find inner peace. And I hope that with these tips you guys can start to see London in a more mindful way.

As always thank you guys so much for reading!

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  1. One of my major goals is you be more mindful this year. I love these tips as they can be used anywhere! XO - Kim

  2. Love reading this post and it made me aware of the things I take for granted especially the mindful train journeys. As I commute daily it becomes a routine that my eyes glaze over but I never take the time to digest my surroundings and listen to my body reacting to the space.


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