A Missguided Ruffle Dress and 5 Blog Goals for 2018

Monday, 12 February 2018

Oh blogger friends - never has my blackened and darkened soul ever felt so light, positive about the future and happy. It seems you never truly realise just how much a negative situation is compressing your happy airways until you actually leave it.

So as you all may or may not know, for the past two years I have been working in a mental health hospital (for confidentiality reasons I can't say where) and it started off alright, but towards the middle part of last year, it started to get really sh*t. Now I don't just mean, had a "bad" day at work, had-an-argument-with-my-ignorant-colleague sh*t,  I'm talking full on, piled high, mountains of SH*T. I was walking knee deep in bad shiteee and my happiness began to dip. I guess this was roundabout the same time in which I actually started to distance myself from social media and the blogging world. I stopped attending events, cancelled blogging plans and had LONGGGGG social media detoxes ( We're talking 6 months a pop here) because I simply could not cope. The thought of interacting with the human race through computer or face to face, when the humans in my work life were behaving so horrid, was one that forced me to recoil from the inside.

Fast forward a few months on from that dreadful time, I have finally left the toxic work situation that was causing me so much strain and pain. Started an entirely new job and finally got the psychology job I have been craving for! I can only hope that this work situation continues to be a positive light in my life. 

Which leads me onto my next point...With my new job, I'll be working 3 days a week, as opposed to the 5 I used to do. This should hopefully mean that I will now have a lot more free time to myself, which will hopefully make way for some more blogging and creative work. So here are the 5 goals I would like to achieve in blogging and in my creative life for 2018:

BOOTS - Boden | SHIRT DRESS - Missguided | HAT - H&M | SUNGLASSES - Accessorize

1) Shoot more outfit photos and write more POSTS!
Due to the more free time I will have for myself, I'm hoping this one should be achievable.

2) Visit more cities and WRITE
Be they UK, European or worldwide cities, wherever, I just need to visit somewhere new and fresh and be inspired to write again. There is something about visiting new places that invokes the need to write something inspiring, so I hope that I can make this possible this year.

3) Attend more events and make more Blogger FRIENDS
Last year, due to stresses from my job and personal life, I became the serial canceller. I would cancel blogging events, blogger meet ups and so on. I've missed surrounding myself with cute cupcakes, people so similar to me we could be sisters separated at birth and just all of the good vibes and peggy porschen-esque chill out time.

4) Up the quality of blog CONTENT
The quality of blogs these days is literally second to none. There are some ridiculously creative, stylish and hardworking bloggers out there and I have been so inspired and motivated by their passion and dedication to the artistic movement. This year I don't necessarily want a growth in following - I want a growth in artistic quality, photography, style, words, the entire lot. This year my goal is quality over quantity!
5) Revisit a forgotten CREATIVITY
For a long time now i have become consumed to the scientific workings of psychological therapy and mental health care. While I am so passionate about this and the job that I do, I also miss the feeling of happiness, relief and passion I feel when i engage in a creative love and recently I've been worrying that I've forgotten what those feelings even feel like! This is the year I revisit a forgotten passion: be it joining an acting or dance class or re-start painting again, I am determined that I will regain my love for this creative form.

And that concludes my almost-interesting life update and blog/creative goals for 2018. 2017 ended on a bit of a sour note, but I am hoping that 2018 is the year in which I finally begin to shine and take on all that life has to offer personally and creatively too.

Also as a fashion blogger I suppose I'm obliged to say something interesting about this outfit. Well
1) It's ruffled and fabulous...
2) It's serving ALL OF THE FASH-UN...
3) I froze my arse off to get these shots, but hey...FASH-UN...
4) It feeds my adrogynously styled soul like no other...

As always thank you guys for reading, you rock my socks off!
Do you like this look? What are your Blog or Creative Goals for 2018?

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