An Almost SAD Winter

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

For years, as the winter season would roll around, I would hear my Mother complain and moan about the horrible English weather, about the dark, grey clouds and the premature darkness that would engulf us all at 4:00 in the afternoon. For years, she would complain of having a lack of energy and tiredness around this time of year, and for years I never really understood why. I could just not get my head around the fact that all of a sudden, as soon as Winter would hit and the days started getting darker a person's entire mood and wellbeing could change.

I've never really understood it...until now. Winter used to be one of my favourite seasons, but now I can't even remember a time when I haven't hated it. Hence the fact when a work colleague looked flumoxed that winter was my least favourite season, as in the past I had apparently conveyed adornment to him - I couldn't remember ever saying it was.

This year, the winter period has well and truly knocked me for six. I kickstarted with an okay-ish summer, it was busy - yes, but there was an awful lot of F-U-N going on and that tugged at my heartstrings in ways I never thought possible. I attended weddings, celebrating the pure and honest love of family members, ate lots of dairy free ice cream and all round generally just lived my best-ish life. Alright, maybe it wasn't fabulosity at it's best, but it was a-OKAY. September passed and in crept October like a unassuming spider about to torture me. What followed on were some of my worst months of 2017, there were tears, anger, fear, a sense of loss of self and an all round I don't-think-things-will-ever-get-better. The days became darker and I started to hate the thought of going outside or even interacting with people. I become moodier, more isolated and the thought of Christmas almost made me barf (and I'm a major Christmas fiend!). The weather was cold, wet and the last few weeks of the year seemed to drag on endlessly.

One day as I sat in my relaxing man-made beach haven (otherwise known as my room) I started to wonder what this horrible dark feeling was. I knew I was going through a rough patch at work and things in my personal life were difficult at best, but I never really felt this down and hateful towards the most magical month of the year. Was I experiencing SAD? Did I now, finally - after years and years of confusion, understand how my mother has felt at this time of year?

Potentially yes...potentially no. You see, since those dreaded final months of 2017, things have changed and are hopefully, possibly, happily...looking up. I'm starting a new job, have removed myself from a toxic environment and it's as if the darkness of winter is lifting itself all on it's own. I still hate that it starts turning dark after 4:00 and that my 5:00am starts are as dark as Voldemort's soul itself, but I'm happier. I am radiating a light from within that feels oh -so positive and oh so strong.

Outfit Details (Clickable Links):
Sunglasses - ASOS | Pinafore Dress (SIMILAR) - BOOHOO | Breton Top (SIMILAR) - BODEN | Trainers - PRIMARK | Headband - H&M

I chose to share these sunny depictions from summer, for 2 reasons. 1) I have been absolutely dreadful with content recently (and I am not just saying that, I haven't blogged in MONTHS  - I mean will anyone even read this?!) *Insert panic face of horror here* and 2) We all need a little sunlight in the cold and dark winter months, for as a wise man once said: "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." - Albus Dumbledore


Thank you guys for reading and for always being a constant support network. Here's to more outfit/musings posts in 2018!

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Have you struggled this winter? How do you find the light in the Winter?

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  1. Heather, you look gorgeous, as always! Thank you for sharing! 2017 was a similar experience for me and I went almost the entire year without blogging. Glad we are both back and I can't wait to see more outfit posts! Happy Friday love! XO- Kim


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