Restaurants for Summer: Blues Restaurant and Bar

Friday, 23 June 2017

There is something quite wonderful about the sun being out isn't there? It brings about more smiles, laughter and adventures to places never been tried or long forgotten. Whenever the sun shines, you will always see people flocking to their nearest park, pool or beach, but that's probably the least thing on my mind. For me, the sun being out, means a chance to visit restaurants and indulge in the thing I love the!

Eating out in the summer time is an experience like no other, whether it's enjoying an ice cold glass of white as you stare through open windows or licking your fingers clean of spice as you perch on an outside table, food during the summer is a great way to make use of those long, hot days.Recently with this warmer weather, I have been visiting and re-visiting lots of old and new restaurants and I thought I would start sharing a little bit more about where I've ventured to, for the people who love food just as much as me!

So today is the start of a new set of posts I'll be sharing on the blog in the next couple of months, which will showcase fun restaurant suggestions for you to visit this summer along with a series of mouth watering food photos to tempt you with!

Blues Restaurant and Bar...

Perched atop the hill of Harrow, Blues Restaurant and bar has been somewhere I have wanted to visit for such a long time. I have spent the past year driving past it's blue, glassy, exterior; morning, noon and night on my way home for work and I have yearning to go there ever since. I finally had the chance to go last Friday with my best friend and we had a catch up over spanish tapas, good cocktails and an old, rustic interior which was just perfect!

We visited during late afternoon, which was great as the restaurant was empty and gave me the opportunity to really take in the space and interiors of the restaurant.

It's interior has a shabby chic look about it, with hints of vintage charm. With it's red leather and terracotta colour scheme and chalkboard menu, this restaurant is one of those small hidden gems you don't hear a lot about, but you must visit.

The restaurant is set amongst a trail of quaint restaurants, cafes and bars in the hills of Harrow. It's about a 20 minute walk and 5-10 minute bus journey from Harrow on the hill station so it's easily accessible. Also being in the hills of Harrow, it's close to some of the prettiest side streets/inner city villages I've ever seen, so i would urge you to definitely give to give this place a try for summer, you'll love it.

Moving on to the food, which arguably was the thing that I loved most about this place! The restaurant is known for it's Spanish cuisine, particularly their tapas, so of course, my friend and I had to have a sample of their tapas dishes.

For the tapas, they have both a meat and vegetarian list of tapas and as I'm not that big a fan of the red meats that were on the meat menu, we decided that we would have a mixture of the two. We had a mixture of chicken, prawns, peppers and mushrooms and tortilla chips and guacamole. Each bowl was equally as delicious as the other and it was all so filling, it was hard to finish it all.

The restaurant also has a bar which is equipped with every type of alcohol you could ask for. I went for a mojito as it was the perfect, refreshing, pairing to the tapas and the blaring heat outside.

All in all I have to say, I have found a new love for small, cute restaurants such as this one. Blues Restaurant and bar gave me a little slice of Spanish life last Friday afternoon and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is in the area of Harrow and fancies a quick yet flavourful bite to eat.

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