A Fresh Start This Summer

Monday, 19 June 2017

For some reason, the new year has never actually been a time when I felt it appropriate to turn over a new leaf. I've always seen the summertime as a chance to start anew by refreshing my goals, starting new projects and evaluating my life progress so far. I don't know, I think it goes back to summer holidays at school,  I would always see the ending of the school year a chance to reflect on where I've gone wrong and how I can improve that for next year. And as I grew older, I guess that mentality never really left me.

We are now entering the beginnings of summer and with that I feel this overwhelming need to wipe a blank slate and start anew again.

Last summer was a challenging one for me, I had to deal with an immediate family member suffer with a horrid illness, have my heart broken by a guy, I thought was the one and suffered through a period of isolation I thought I would never return from.

And now this summer I want to erase all the memories of last year's bad one and create a lot more room for some brand new ones. The world has been a scary, upsetting and trauma-filled place in the last few months and I am hoping that with the summer, and this new influx on sunshine, we can get a glimmer of hope, reform and a little bit more humanity from the people of the human race.

I don't know about you guys, but I have been craving, praying, and crossing all of my fingers in the hope that we would have a good summer this year and by the looks of things, it certainly looks like that is the case. The weather in the last couple of weeks has been glorious and has meant that I can finally start to whip out the old summer clothes again (of which I have very few!) and start strutting around the streets of London in search of good food, pretty buildings and umpteen photo opportunities.

These photos were taken in a beautiful, little, side street in Harrow and it always amazes me how many hidden gems there are in London just waiting to be found. On this one street alone, there were about 5 different photogenic locations in which I could've taken photos and I can't wait to go back to take some more photographs and share them with you.

The top was sent over from America from my aunt for my mom, but she found it to be a little bit too tight, so it was handed over to me, which I was secretly happy about as I had been planning to borrow (steal) it from her wardrobe anyway.

It's got an elasticated, peplum style waist, which creates such a great illusion of a smaller waist and wider hips (which is perfect for me as I have very small hips!) It has a multicoloured print and wide straps, which I love because I feel like thin straps always make my shoulders look wider than they are.

The trousers are an elasticated, pin stripe material and are the most comfortable things ever. I did roll them up a little at the ankles as it looks a lot better when worn with flatter shoes. The shoes are from Primark, which I featured in my most recent Primark haul. They aren't the most durable as I've only worn them three times and they are already starting to crease. However, they have a beautiful gold buckle detail that works well for summer looks and they are very comfortable (which is a plus for a primark shoe). This whole look is a little bit different to what I usually wear, but I kind of like the laidback vibe of it.

As always thank you guys so much for reading. I wish you all a happy summer and hopefully your own chance at a fresh start.

What are your plans for the summer? Do you like this outfit?

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