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Friday, 19 May 2017

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Can you guys believe we are nearly at the end of May? Where is this year going, it's quite literally flying away and that is equally as exciting as it is scary.  And with the impending end of  May fast approaching  and a inevitable summer of rain and gloom, I can't help but cling onto any last hope of Spring, pastel colours and fresh and zesty scents that come with the season...so I have decided to create a Spring Fashion and Beauty wishlist. It's been a while since I've done one of these and I am so excited to share with you all some of the spring themed items I really want to help me finish the Spring season in style!

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Can we just talk about how good L'Occitane scents always smell? From the moment you enter the store, you're always engulfed with such musky, warm and floral scents. So what better to have on my spring beauty wishlist than a *L'Occitane eau de cologne. The Neroli & Orchid scent combines two beautiful florals, along with zesty undertones of orange and peach, I mean what more could someone want moving into the warmer months of the year. And how gorgeous is the packaging? L'Occitane are always my go to for things scent wise and I'm sure that this summer this cologne is all I'll need to stay fresh. 


I have been dreaming of trying out the juicy shakers for a long time, so when the matte shakers were released, I danced and jumped for joy as I just love a matte finished lip product! I think I saw Lily Pebbles recently review one in her latest weekly vlogs and she said it didn't dry VERY matte, more of a satin finish, which is fine with me as it gives you the best of both worlds. They come in so many different shades and I so badly want to try one this summer to add the finishing look to my dewy make up looks this coming season. 

3) PIXI GLOW TONIC (Look fantastic, Cult Beauty and more) - £18.00 

Time and time again, I have heard of all the good things that the pixi glow tonic can do and I think it's about high time that I got myself a bottle! At the moment, I am on night shifts and with that, my skin always tends to get very dehydrated and a lot more dry than it normally is, I also tend to develop a lot more blemishes. I'm hoping, moving into summer that this will help to restore my skin to it's glowy, clear state. 

Winter and Spring are usually the main periods of the year in which my skin is at it's most dry, so I need all of the hydrating products that I can get. I've always heard promising results from bloggers about Caudalie's serum and since I have fallen head over heels for their beauty elixir, I thought why not give their new vine active range a try and see what this serum business is all about (I've never actually used one before). The price of the thing, kind of makes me want to scream NOOOOO! But I know that Caudalie products are always worth their money, so I may just have to bite the bullet and give it a go!

Spring/Summer Beauty & Fashion Wishlist, Missguided fashion wishlist, Missguided fashion, spring fashion, summer fashion, spring pastel colours, blue pastel fashion, blue pastel clothes, gingham print, gingham fashion, asos spring fashion

I genuinely did not even intend for this fashion wishlist to be as pastel and blue as it is, but you know - blue is life! 


This dress has everything I could ever hope for and more! It's got ruffles, an off the shoulder cut, striped detailing AND it's blue! Missguided could not have created a more perfect dress for me if they tried. This dress is again perfect for those last spring days and will be great pairing with the Asos boater hat (4) for those warm summer nights. 


Well hello exaggeration! This shirt, is the epitome of the 80's shoulder pad reinvented, with a lot more extra noise and quite frankly, I love it! This is definitely a statement shirt and can be dressed down with a simple pair of black jeans or tucked into tailored trousers. Also it's gingham, another of my favourite patterns alongside stripes and looks great in the springtime.
I love that this dress has just the right amount of casual and chic going on at the sane time, which makes it fairly easy to dress up and dress down. I also love the big ruffles on the sleeves, as they bring a bit of excitement to a somewhat simple and minimal dress. And at just £15.00 I think this is one dress I definitely need to make sure is in my wardrobe, leading up to the end of spring and start of Summer! 

4)ASOS BOATER HAT - £10.00 

I have been dreaming of owning a straw boater hat for the summer for years and years now, but for some reason I just never got round to buying one. This one from ASOS would be the perfect addition to my blue and pastel themed outfits for the summer. I love the simplicity of it and the  addition of the black ribbon around the bottom of the crown, which helps to add a hint of chic to the bohemian style of the hat. Definitely one I need to get my hands on!


Now, I'm not the biggest fan of open toed heels, but I feel like I have to make a exception for these little beauties. I love the ruffle and tassle detailing and the powder blue colour makes them the perfect shoe as the end of spring approaches and the summer season starts. These lovely shoes would go well with the zip dress (1) from Missguided.

And that concludes this spring/summer beauty and fashion wishlist. Which wishlist was your favourite? Are you a lover of the floral, glowing inspired beauty wishlist? Or are you all about the pastel blues and ruffles in the fashion wishlist? Whichever, I hope you were able to find some inspiration from this post and as always, thank you so much for reading!

Do you have a Spring Wishlist? If yes, please link it below, so I can check it out! Did you like this post?

*This post was made in collaboration with L'Occitane. However all words and opinions in this post are completely my own. 

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