Dear Manchester...

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Manchester. The cousin to my beloved Sheffield.  A place so often compared to being the London of the North. The city that never sleeps. But you were and are so much more than that. You are a place of new birth, philosophy and most importantly art. You are the blank canvas for those who are looking to start anew. And you are a saviour to those who find themselves in a deep, dark despair of pain and need a way out. Beautiful Manchester, You have been wounded. You have been hurt and you have been attacked. My heart aches for your wounds and the pain you are experiencing right now, for such a beautiful city does not deserve such an ugly, ill treatment.

Last night as you breathed ever so peacefully. As you slept beneath the ever peaceful, dark, velvety blanket of sky, you were awoken in fear. You became alive. The sound of sirens, horns and rush of your children in their attempt to save, awoken your spirits.

The grime and filth of the earth mutated to form an explosion. One of destruction that covered each and every corner of your body. The pain you must've felt as the cold, metallic tang of the nails pierced your soft and supple skin. The despair your children must've felt as those left behind clambered to find safety and equally - a chance to save you. A chance to protect further hurt from coming to your off spring. And a chance to do what was good when all that could be seen was a sea of bad and wrongdoings.

And yet, in the aftermath of this event, your light continues to glow. You continue to hustle and bustle and parade on like nothing even happened. You continue to hold hands with those that you know and those that you don't. You continue to keep calm and carry on. Manchester - you stand united, because I's all that you know to do. Perhaps all that you know how to do is to be that radiating light to the dark that people so desperately need. To offer that shoulder of comfort to those who are in need. To be present. To be kind. To be something that your attacker was not...a human. Your strength is commendable and one of strong valour, something that will play as inspiration to all of your brother and sister countries of the UK.

A city so full of life, can only remain full of life. A person so full of destruction will only ever destruct, and therefore they will never win. They will never be able to destruct your beautiful face. They will never be able to take your laughter. And they will never be able to take the life that you are filled with.

My thoughts are with all of those affected by the Manchester arena attack. The wounded, the witnesses, the helpers, the family, friends and loved ones. But most importantly my thoughts are with you Manchester, may you remain strong and may you never change, your bravery over the last couple of days has been immeasurable and an inspiration to all.

Love from,

Heather Xx

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