4 Reasons Why Hayfever MUST die

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

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A slow and very painful death at that...

All allergies suck, let's face it. For anyone who suffers from any kind of allergy, no matter how mild or severe it may be you guys know how it can affect, change and sometimes ruin your life. Allergies really are no picnic!

I am allergic to nearly every kind of environmental allergen under the sun and it sucks a ton, but while I can almost somewhat tolerate the others allergies I have. I have always continuously struggled mutinously with one, and that horrible one is: HAYFEVER. The little evil monster, that sucks all joy out of any sufferers sense of a summer holiday. The little evil monster that weakens your immune system and leaves you in a constant cycle of suffering from and recovering from the summer cold. The little evil monster that just makes you hate all plants forms and anything even remotely floral.

I have been dealing with Hayfever for practically all of my life and I have just about had enough of the stupid thing, ruining my bloody life. And so I have decided, that Hayfever, in all of it's evil glory, needs to just go and die...Here are my 4 Reasons why:

1) Messy Makeup...

Contraire to the above photo, I can't even begin to tell you guys, how often my eyes have streamed buckets of water and ruined my mascara and eyeliner all in the name of pollen! Or how often I have completely rubbed all of the foundation off from my face in the process of blowing my never ending, leaky, tap of a nose. It is such a nightmare and actually really makes me feel like there is not even any point in putting make up on, most days!

2) Fresh Florals...

FRESHLY MOWN GRASS AND FRESHLY BLOOMED BLOSSOM and basically anything FRESH it seems are like the devil to a person with Hayfever. It well and truly sucks to not be able to appreciate the smell and appearance of a fresh bloom of handpicked flowers or freshly mowed grass and that is another reason why this allergy must perish!

3) Weakened Immune System...

As a child I never really understood why my GP always encouraged my mum to load me up on the Vitamin C around spring/summer time, but as I've grown older and suffered from many a summer cold, I have grown to understand why. Hayfever, like many allergies, weakens the immune system and if you've got really severe allergies, it just means that you are more prone to catching colds and infections a lot easier than others. Summer colds are a genuine thing and they make living with Hayfever SO much more worse. It's almost as if you're stuck in this never ending game with your cold and HAYFEVER over which one can cause you the most stress and congestion - NOT - FUN - AT - ALL!

4) Lost Summers...

 Ever since I was a little girl, Hayfever has been ruining my summers a thousand times over! Now I love summer. I love the lighter days, the warmer nights and the influx of Vitamin D, my skin drinks in from being outside in the sun. Unfortunately Hayfever has made my intake of Sun and thus vitamin D, very near impossible since the age of 4! I always spent the majority of my summers indoors as a child and this therefore led to missed opportunities of impromptu water fights, trips to the park and endless hours of rolling down the hill in the school playing field! Even now, as an adult, Hayfever continues to plague my summers and hit me with serious multiple cases of FOMO on summer, outdoor events!

And I think I'll leave it there for today. I mean - I could go on and on about my Hayfever and other allergy woes until the end of time because I HATE them that much, but i'll spare you guys the misery! If you do suffer from Hayfever too or any other kind of environmental allergy, I hope this post has allowed you to have a little chuckle over our dyer mutual suffering or given you a reason to hate Hayfever that little bit more!

As always, thank you guys so much for stopping by and reading!

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