Does The One Really Exist in Love?

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Does the one exist?

I have seen this question floating about in Love land too many times to count. The phrase 'I think I've found the one' is constantly spewed out of the mouths of the female leads in the rom-com's I so religiously love to watch. So much so, that finding the one has grown to become this worldwide (somewhat fictitious) phenomenon that little girls are made to grow up to believe in and embark on an everlasting goose chase to find this supposed "one". But do they actually exist? The one. Does he exist? Does this very perfect-for-me, human who I have so much in common with, that we become the best of friends, actually exist? Does this person who is supposed to move heaven, earth, wind and fire to be with me, actually, wholly and fully exist?

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I wholly believe in the theory of "the one" I believe in finding someone so perfect for you that it hurts. Finding someone who lights up your dark and depressive days. I believe in finding someone who makes you believe in yourself and ultimately who makes you believe in love. 

I have only ever fallen for 2 guys who I ultimately believed to be "the one" Unfortunately for me, contraire to popular belief, I am not living happily ever after with either of these guys because a) one of them just didn't believe me to be "his one" and b) I pushed the other one so far away, he didn't want to come back. And by the time I realised how much I had come to care for him, it was too late. 

But just because I have lost those two, perfectly perfect (seriously they were good eggs)"ONES" does not mean that I will now and forever, spend the rest of my life alone. It just means that I must continue to trundle on as I had been before, and wait for my next "The One" to show up.

You see, finding "The One" just like many things in life, is time dependent and situational. While two people can indeed fall in love, it may take one of the parties longer to realise that they have indeed found the one who makes their head go loopy and their legs weak at the knees. 

To depart you all I will leave you with this. Perhaps the one is not necessarily "The One". Perhaps the term should be revised to "The Ones". Perhaps love is blinding. Perhaps it does make us loopy in the head and weak at the knees. Perhaps the two guys I believed to be "The Ones" for me were only supposed to be a part of my journey and not my forever.  And perhaps the one, is just a figment of our wild and crazy psyche. Perhaps...perhaps. As I always say when I discuss these very trivial issues, the belief of having one true significant other to spend the rest of lives with forever and ever is subjective and the opinion of "The one" is dependant on the individuals in question.

As for me. I believe in the one, but I also believe in having "The Ones" for different periods of my life. I have already had my "The One" for high school. I was also lucky enough to find "The One" in my 20's. Heck I'll probably even find another "The One" in my 30's (Hopefully he will be the one I stick with)! I know a lot of people are hell bent on the idea that there is only one perfect one out there for us all, but my belief is different.  I actually take great pleasure in thinking that I will have the joy of thinking that I have found the one all over again, when he does come along. This time he might be forever, this time he might not, only time will tell I suppose. 

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