5 Ways to a Valentines All By Yourself!

Monday, 13 February 2017

This post is for the single, the committed, the married and the ones who are forever wishing they could kiss their pet cat and turn him into a human, just so that they could marry him already. Because, in all honesty, no-one quite gets you like your cat does! (FYI, This is in no way, shape or form directed at myself, I am not attracted to my cat...I SWEAR!)

Ah Valentines Day. A day of love. A Day of Passion. A day in which, I am violently thrust into a sea of red and inflated heart balloons and forced to remember that I am single and alone and probably will be for a very LONG TIME. In my younger years (pahaha "younger years" who am I? My grandmother?!) I always struggled with this "Valentines" day. In our high school they had this very cute (but also horrid) tradition of selling roses for the students to buy. They could be given in person by the buyer (if they were brave enough) or delivered anonymously in class to the person. On this day, I always seemed to struggle a little more internally. I was a little bit less confident, a little more insecure, but also a little more hopeful. Hopeful, that finally, my day had come for someone to appreciate who I was and what I looked like. But alas! I never received a single rose throughout my entire 4 years at that school, they always went to my more, beautiful and "rose worthy" friends, instead of me. This sucked major balls of course, but it also helped to teach me something.

It taught me, that Valentines Day did not have to be about showing love to others. It could also be about showing love to yourself and appreciating all that you have to offer. Loving yourself and the skin that you are in, is so much more important than getting a bloody rose (FYI - I am totally not bitter about this!) - I only wish I had known that all those years ago!

Anyway, this Valentines Day, like countless others since I hit the ripe old age of 20, is going to be spent focusing on MYSELF and MY happiness. So what if I don't have a significant other, and the guy I thought was perfect for me is now halfway across the world. Or that the guy who came after that, was pretty neat, but I chucked because of commitment issues. Or that I am nearly 23 and have never been in a relationship long enough to say we were going "steady". It's ok folks, it's all ok. This Valentines Day I am looking after me, myself and I. And if like me, you are alone this Valentine's day, perhaps your BF is off travelling or like me, only have the company of your cats, then this one is for you guys, it's time to spread a little love, right back around to yourself!

Here's are 6 ways to have a loving Valentines day with yourself:

1) Start the day right...There is nothing quite like indulging a few of your favourite things in the morning to kickstart the day. I'm sure you all have your own special something that you save for mornings when you need that extra special pick me up. Mine is staying in my pyjamas, having left over takeaway and binge watching a couple of Gossip Girl episodes on Netflix. What's yours? Find it and start your day of self-loving the right way!

2) Do Absolutely Nothing...Such a simple thing to do, but one so many of us neglect to do. I know I am the worst at doing nothing, I am constantly in auto pilot mode, rushing around, driving here there and everywhere and working my arse off! Sometimes it pays to just switch off, forget everyone and do absolutely f*ck all (pardon my french guys and gals!). After that morning indulge, just spend some time doing nothing, worrying about nothing, thinking about nothing and just be. A little mindfulness will go a long way when you're spending Valentines day alone.

3) Eat your favourite food...Ok so I know I've mentioned food already, I mean sorry- You guys already know I'm a major foodie, I can't help it! Maybe I'm slightly biased because I'm a comfort eater, maybe it's because food is just so bloody awesome, I don't know...but there's something about  indulging in the food you love. Yeah! It's a day of love, so why not eat the food you love...right? Right?

4) Dress up...or not...I have a love hate relationship with glamming it up. A lot of the time I love looking glam, and fancy pantsy, but the effort of getting to that  fantsy pantsy look is just too much for my lazy arse to bare. 😅 So more times then none I will opt to remain in casual daywear. Exhibit A...

But there are the rare occasions when I get a burst of energy and decide to "GLAM" it up. And when I do, it injects a bout of confidence within me that I never knew I had. Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is. However you choose to dress this valentines day, make sure it makes you feel happy. Now if that means spending the day lounging around in enviable Boohoo loungewear then do it. Or if means dressing up in a bodycon and a full face, then you do you girl. It's your day, show yourself that love!

5) GET HAMMERED...Get drunk. Get completely smashed and go insanely wild and party like it's project frickin X...Ok just kidding. Don't do that or - do that, if it makes you feel good, just remember to stay safe.

When I say get hammered I mean do something to finish off the day that will leave you with a burst of energy and series of memories that will bring you joy for the remaining 10 months of the year when you're still single. If getting hammered means grabbing your best girls and painting the town red - do it! If getting hammered means watching the entire Harry Potter series in one sitting - then do it! Just because you are single or alone on Valentines day, does not mean that the day or night does not have to be a memorable one. Make it fun. Make it one to remember. Make it your most loved one yet!

I will be spending this Valentines day single... and alone, for the umpteenth time. But do you know what? I'm ok with it, and I'm going to take my own advice and make sure that I attempt to do at least 1 of the 5 things on this list, just to show myself a little more love and to make the day memorable. I hope you guys can give it a go too.

Are you spending Valentines Day Alone? What Do you Usually do to celebrate the Day?

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