Boohoo Dungarees and H&M Cold Shoulders

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Walk, walk, fashun baby. Walk. 

I'm back, I'm back, I'm finally back! Hello guys and gals, I'm back with a brand new outfit post, well I'd call it more of an incomplete outfit post, as I didn't manage to get all of the full length shots that I wanted, but these half frame shots will just have to do, I'm afriad...I hope you enjoy it. I haven't posted an outfit post in ages, so go easy on me ok!

Random Question: Why is it no longer a thing to dress up in dungarees everyday? Answer: It should totally be a thing. 

For so long I have been obsessed with everything 90's; 90's food, 90's hair, 90's style, 90's hip hop, 90's everything! I'm not sure whether it has something to do with the fact that I was born in this era or because it quite possibly is the best decade to come out of the 20th century, but it really was the era of so much change, development and of course...good style!

90's fashion has been a constant love affair of mine and I would definitely describe my style as traditionally 90's, with a little bit of androgyny and classic chic mixed in. Dungarees are perhaps my most favourite 90's item of clothing. They've always been so easy to style, to wear and give off this casual air of grunge that is oh so effortless. 

And yes, that is my camera remote, you see popping out of my hand there.

Whoops, there it is again!

Keeping with the theme of casual 90's grunge, I paired it with this oh so casual cold shoulder crop, which once again has got me looking like I'm an ex-member from a 90's girl band! Also as you guys know I go crazy for a bit of the chunky, so I have completed the look with a geometric gold chain from H&M. 

I had to resort to taking these photos in my room because it is literally SO SO cold outside, I am actually scared my fingers might fall off! However even though it's cold, doesn't mean I can't get an outfit post out, it might not be the type of post I wanted to get out, but at least it is one! And although I didn't manage to get the different wide, portrait and full length shots that I wanted, I'm still kind of loving these close ups. They've got a lovely soft, detail to them, which many of my wider shots don't have.

However it's not going to be a regular thing though guys so don't get used to it, I'm hoping to get back outside for my next one! :) As always, thank you so much for reading! 

Do you like this look? Are you a fan of the cold shoulder?

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