10 Things I Am Tired of Seeing in the Blogosphere

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

I love the blogosphere, anybody who knows me could tell you that. Starting this blog has changed my life in a way I never thought it could. I've been able to meet people who are just as weird and wonderful as myself, been able to grow my confidence and self-esteem and it's been a great creative outlet amongst all of the factual science of my psychology career. But I've been doing this thing for nearly three years now and a lot of the things i remember seeing in my early days of blogging and thought that they were just seldom occurrences or one off's are really starting to become the norm in the blogosphere and it's getting ridiculous. Even though I began blogging in 2014, (which is nothing compared to those who started in 2006), I have (Dare I say it) "been around" and I have grown ridiculously tired of seeing certain things and I'm about to rant every single one of them about to you. So sit down, grab a bag of chips and lets get stuck in!

DISCLAIMER: This post, in no way, relates to ALL bloggers. Because not ALL bloggers are doing these things. Nor am I singling out any particular blogger with these things. I am just simply discussing a collection of things I have started to become more and more aware of in my (nearly) 3 years of blogging. 

1) Faking it.
So I'm going to start with the MOST annoying thing that is circulating and gaining  a lot of negative traction right now, not to mention it is annoying and unfair as f*ck - Bloggers buying followers, likes and comments! I can't even begin to explain how frustrating it is to see bloggers, or so called "bloggers" gain thousands and thousands of followers all by the click of a button and the swipe of a card. It's demoralising and makes you think that all of the hard work we put in as bloggers is basically worth crap and I am so tired of this!

2) Not Enough support.
There are some major talented people out there guys, so let's share the love! There are so many bloggers out there who are already doing this, which is great, but I think we need to do it more - myself included. We really need to start celebrating our achievements a hell of a lot more, because we really do work our socks off! Don't be afraid to toot that horn of yours either, it doesn't mean you're being vain, it just mean you are being proud of what you've achieved and if anyone has a problem with that, you can direct them my way! 😂

3) Lack of racial diversity. 
Bloggers of colour are just not being represented enough. They are not getting the opportunities that so many of them deserve. I am so tired of seeing the same bloggers, at the same event, all the time. Come on brands, mix it up a little, show me something new!

4) Copying.
I mean do I really need to say more? Just don't do it. Period. It's all well and good being inspired by a person's work and creativity, but full on copying a blog post or a creative concept is a big fat no, NO in my book and it blows my gasket. Create-your-own-shit! It doesn't have to be perfect, but at least then you know it's yours.

5) Seeing the same posts ALL the time. 
Now look, I'm not saying that people can't write about their latest MAC Beauty Haul or another lipstick review, because I still post similar things to that too sometimes. I'm just saying that now that the blogosphere is so saturated, more and more people are writing similar posts and I have grown tired of seeing them. I want to see something different, something funny. Something creative. The big pot of bloggers posts just need to be mixed up a little bit to create some fiery spice.

6) Haters:
 I am so tired of people hating on someone for wanting to speak up about something that is important to them and something that is important to society. Well you know what they say: if you can't take the heat in the kitchen, then get OUT! Basically if you are going to hate on us bloggers, go and hate somewhere else, because there is absolutely 0 room left for haters in my ideal blogosphere.

7) Brands and their horrible attitudes and approaches they take to working with bloggers. 
Promising just "exposure" for an outfit post, to which you had to stand out in the freezing cold for at least 2 hours just to get the perfect shot and then spend the whole of the next day editing them to some mid-level dose of perfection, and then having to find a way to describe the outfit in a way that doesn't make your readers fall asleep...ALL of this, only to be given "exposure" which is very often, ONE TWEET showing you wearing the brands item and a tag to your twitter page. I mean come on guys! I'm sorry to the brands who don't do this, but Bloggers are hard workers and essentially writers, we deserve our fee just like every other creative out there!

8) Oh and while we're on the topic of brands; 
Brands requiring bloggers who have a large following to work with. However when bloggers tag them in their outfit posts on Instagram and Twitter, they only want to repost or retweet the "BIGGER" bloggers. And do you know what, I get why they want to do that, it's good for their brand, it's good for their business. But would it bloody kill them, every once in a while to just repost or RT the odd smaller blogger. I can assure you we would get to the follower count you so greatly desire a lot quicker if you just gave us a chance!

9) And while we're on the topic of bigger bloggers...
I am so tired of seeing the same old bloggers being promoted in the blogosphere. Now I'm not saying they aren't talented, because some of my favourite bloggers are considered to be "BIG". I'm just saying, the blogging salt bag needs to be shaken up a bit, because the flavours are getting a little bit bland. I want to see more of the smaller bloggers being promoted, more of them being given big campaign deals and lots of amazing opportunities, because there are some really inspirational people out there, they just haven't been given a chance yet!

10) Bloggers not using their voices and power for the greater good. 
I cannot count the amount of times something trivial, traumatic or provocative has taken place across the world and all of these so called "influencers" have kept quiet. When the #BlackLivesMatter movement was flying around last year, I could count the amount of bloggers who stood up, tweeted or supported the fact that change needed to happen and encouraging others to do this. Now I'm not trying to force people to speak up about things, but to me, I feel like a little bit more compassion could be shown from "bigger" bloggers surrounding important life events. They have a voice, I don't understand why they aren't using it. It seems like all some of them want to use it for is to shout to the rooftops about their latest designer purchase. Oh yeah, that's really shaping lives that is (she says sarcastically).

Soooo, yeah, that's what has been driving me up the wall in the blogosphere. Phew! That got a little more hefty than I initially intended it too, but I just felt like there was so much I wanted to get off my chest about what's been really bugging me in the blogosphere lately. Hopefully 2017 will be the year, some of the things on this list will change. Here's hoping eh?!

Do you agree with any of the things I've included in this list? What are you tired of seeing in the blogosphere?

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