6 Ways the Blogosphere is Becoming the New Hollywood

Monday, 28 November 2016

The blogosphere is one extraordinary place, filled both with, a whole lot of good and a whole lot of bad. But it is also filled with a whole lot of new, change and evolutional change of the media industry. It is baffling to think, that within a few short years some bloggers have gone from, Jenny from down the lane, of whom nobody but their mother and cat to know their name, to international superstar, equipped with a mob of superfans, multtiple book and sponsorship deals and that would bring the Kardashian's themselves to shame.
What was once a small community of everyday people just adding their two pence to the two on their private little space on the internet, has now become this fruitful, glitzy and ever-growing sphere of bloggy

To put it in short; The blogosphere is basically a newer, lesser, kind of Hollywood universe and here are my reasons why:
1) Community Spirit -  
Whenever you hear the people of Hollywood talk about the reasons why they have so many friends within their industry, they alway say it's because people within the industry already understand what it's like to be there, the up's the down's, the good and the bad. And I guess you could say the same for the blogging community. I have made more friends in my two years of blogging, than I have ever made in my entire life! I always feel like I can be my complete self around my blogger buds, because they just 'get me'. There's a real sense of community and love amongst the bloggers that I have come to know in my two years of blogging and I would not change that for the world!

2) Being sent PR samples - 
As I said before a lot of the things that I'm including on this list are actually a great thing to be able to be involved in; for example being sent the newest in beauty from Urban Decay or Chanel cosmetics is something I definitely would not say no to. And nor do the celebrities of Hollywood; they are sent box after box full of PR samples, with brands hungrily waiting (And hoping) that they will choose to wear that dress to the new James Bond premier or posting that new lipstick to their Instagram feed.

3) Fandom Culture - 

You know i've never really understood extreme fan culture. I mean, yeah, I'm proud to say I'm a Potterhead as much as the next person. But I've never quite understood the 'I-must-devote-my-every-waking-moment-to-these-"influencers"-or-I-might-die' thing. I'm not knocking it, nor am I praising it, I'm just saying I don't get it. And this is just one of the things that is making it's way from Hollywood into the Blogosphere. Some fans practically worship the ground some bloggers/vloggers walk on, quite literally setting up shop outside their houses, just to get a second look. It's not really their fault, it's just that culture, that belief system, that anyone above a certain amount of followers is now the holy grail of the digital age. But if this is the stage we are at now, I dread to think what will happen to the future of this extreme fandom culture.
4) Hard Work - 
Just like the hard-working stars of Hollywood will say, Blogging is no easy job. In order to "make it" in even half of the way, you have to put in ALL of the blood, ALL of the sweat and ALL of the tears and even while doing this, there's a horrible chance that you still won't get very far. In blogging, much like Hollywood, it's as much a case of luck and hard graft in order to fully make it in the "big time".
5) Lack of Diversity - 
I wrote a post about this, just last week, if you fancy a read of it, it's (here). This is one thing that I feel the Blogosphere should definitely NOT be taking from Hollywood. There are not enough roles for actors/actresses of colour in Hollywood, nor is there any kind of active change coming about for this issue. The same can be said for the blogosphere, I am tired of not seeing my colour represented, I am tired of not seeing more bloggers who I can look up to and aspire to be. I'm tired and I'm sick and I really do hope that people in our blogger industry start to see the error of their ways soon, because the industry is so new, it's still growing and being established, which therefore means...there's still time for change!

6) Glitz & Glam - 
The glitz and glam of fancy brand parties, movie premiers and shacking up in fancy hotels is no longer a characteristic only associated with the stars of Hollywood. It has made it's way into the blogosphere, where you have bloggers attending world class movie premiers, dressing up in the most glitzy of gowns and being put up in the most sleek of hotels. This part, like all on this list, has it's negatives, but for the most part, I think it's pretty bad-ass. I look forward to the day (wishful thinking) when I can attend a fantastic beast movie premier, or be invited on a horse and carriage ride through the city.

I daren't say I hate what the blogosphere has become, because I don't, but I also don't love it either, I'm veered somewhere in the middle. A brightly lit room of limbo, of never really knowing whether I'm going or coming in this "new" blogosphere. A lot of the stuff I mentioned above, are so bad-ass, that they make my toes curl, but alas..."with great power, comes great responsibility" and I truly hope that members of the blogosphere start to use their newfound power of supposed "Hollywood" status for the greater good.

Thoughts? Do you feel that the blogosphere is fast approaching Hollywood status?

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