10 Things Brands Should Know About Bloggers of Colour

Monday, 21 November 2016

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Look guys, I'm just going to dive straight into it, because I am so done and angry with it all. There is not enough racial diversity in the blogging industry. There is not enough racial diversity with the bloggers who work with brands, there is not enough diversity full stop!

I can't count the amount of times that I have seen so many talented beauty and fashion bloggers of colour who are just not getting the recognition they deserve, despite pushing the boundaries of creativity and creating art that is unique, powerful and inspirational. While, brands continue to choose to promote and work predominantly with some bloggers who just continue to spew out the same damn thing as every other blogger, not really ever changing speed or provoking a thought or emotion, just because they're white and fit society's mold. IT IS BORING. And I am sick and tired of it, so here is my note to the world of brands on us Bloggers of Colour:

1) STOP treating us like we don't exist!

2) Does our colour somehow make us invisible to you all? Or are you simply just choosing to ignore us when picking bloggers for your campaigns, events and sponsored opportunities? Whichever it is, it's ignorant and it needs to stop. The amount of bloggers of colour that I see at these brand parties and big blogger events can quite possibly be counted on one hand(two if you're lucky), it isn't right and it isn't fair. 

3)The whole supposed ethos of blogging is supposedly, a modern platform that can be accessed and related to by all. However by choosing to use 3 white bloggers in your latest ad campaign for a new beauty product does little for encouraging or inspiring people of colour as there isn't anyone they can relate to.


5) We work equally as hard as white bloggers, so why do you continue to ignore our talent? 

6)We have hair too you know. Some of us may wear it natural, have braids or have weaves, but we still have hair and we can get it dyed live on stage too. #JustSaying

7) Oh and choosing to work with bloggers of colour who are of a lighter complexion, is definitely a step forward in the right direction, but not forward enough. Bloggers of colour with dark skin are just as beautiful and we need to see them being represented too. Otherwise we just find ourselves right back round at square one again.

8) When I first started blogging I praised the industry for it's diversity and it being a place that represents everybody. I now see how naive I was. It is biased and horribly archaic in it's views of what is beautiful and who is worthy enough to work with.THIS NEEDS TO STOP!

9) We will not fall privy to the same ignorant rules of an underrepresented society.  People of colour are not represented - PERIOD! Don't let blogging become that, consider and represent all bloggers, because at the end of the day we are all bloggers, and we all work hard on our little slices of the internet, please don't define us by our colour.

10) Stop ruining our children. Children really are the future and what they see today will shape who they are tomorrow. Don't let the little girl of colour think that there is something wrong with being black or asian because she NEVER see's bloggers that look like her on these brand's websites and social media pages. Be that change, that society so desperately needs! 

As always this post is not intended to offend anyone, but more to draw attention to the actions of some brands in the blogosphere and how it makes bloggers of colour feel. The media industry is already full of so much racism and underrepresentation of ethnic minorities, please don't let blogging become the same. Let's make a change.

Do you think brands represent bloggers of colour? Do you feel there needs to be a change?

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