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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

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Photography by Suzi Ovens Photography from the post '90's Bucket Baby'
I'm a blogger and no I don't get invited to a press day every other week. And no I've never been paid to attend an event. But yes, I get gifted things at events. And yes I get the opportunity to meet so many like-minded individuals like myself and form lasting friendships. And yes I am ridiculously grateful overtime someone (no matter how seldom it may be) emails me to invite me to a blogging event.

Whether you're a new blogger, small blogger, part-time blogger or full-time veteran blogger, the principles surrounding an event remain the same. There are certain curtousies and actions we should all carry out once the fun, blogging shindig is all said and done. Here are 6 things I like to do after a blogging event & some suggestions for you, if you're wondering what to do after an event!

DISCLAIMER: These are merely suggestions and a basic summary of the things I think are a good thing to do following an event. They're not compulsory, I'm just sharing them in the hope that they can help anyone who's a little confused on how to proceed post blogging event. Thank you and enjoy!

1) Thank you's - Whether it's a tweet, a physical thank you card, an email or my personal favourite, paperless post thank you cards (which can be sent via email), ensuring that you express your gratitude for being invited or having brands take the time to engage and gift you with their products is so so important. It shows manners and respect. But it also shows that you really are serious about this whole blogging thing, you enjoy doing it and are not just in it for the "freebies".

 2) Engage & Interact with the Bloggers you Met - Blogging events are a chance to meet your online BFF that you've been tweeting cat gifs and memes to for the last year, IRL. It's your chance to realise that bloggers and all of your social media friends are actually real, in the flesh, breathing people and were not just conjured up by your imagination. They're a chance to meet like minded individuals and form long-lasting relationships and it's important to continue to engage and interact with the bloggers you meet at these events because you never know what great friendships or opportunities might forge.  Following an event I always like to send a tweet out, letting all of the bloggers I met at the event know, that I enjoyed meeting them and look forward to seeing them soon.

 3) Follow Up's - It could be the day after the event, a week after the event, or a month after the event, it doesn't matter too much when you do it (although a year later and the brand might've forgotten about you!) I usually follow up with a brand a week later and usually correspond via email. I'll try to keep chit chat general at first to try to build up a rapport with them, eventually when I've connected with them, I'll introduce the concept of a collaboration, brand relationship, giveaway etc.

6 Post Blogging Event Tips, 100 Ways to 30, blogging event, blog event, heather chambers uk fashion & lifestyle blogger, blogosphere magazine, samantha maria, youtubers
Photography by 100 Ways to 30 from the post 'Getting Festive at #BloggersXmas'

 4) Blog/Vlog the Event - Now blogging and blogging an event, is not a necessity. I mean if a blogger like IntheFrow had to blog every single event she went to, she'd probably never write about anything else again! I know some event organisers specifically ask you to blog/vlog the event and in this case, if it's a part of your blogging assignment then you have to, but if it's not, then don't worry, it's not compulsory to do this for every single event you go to. If you don't feel like blogging or vlogging an event - don't, simple. However, if you feel like sharing ALL of the brands, ALL of bloggers and ALL of the photo booth pics, then do! Like everything in blogging, it's completely up to you and what you feel comfortable with doing!

 5) Reflect on What Went Well - Always, always reflect on the pros of the event and all of the good things that you did, that other bloggers did, things that made an impact on you and just general all round positivity. Reflecting on the good, can help to reassure you. Especially if you felt like you committed social suicide when you pulled out that dyer wedgie in front of that uber pretty Boohoo PR. Ridiculous Heather actions aside, always reflect on the good, because it will give you the confidence and help you prepare for the next event, which brings me onto the next tip...

 6) Prepare For the Next One -Whether you've been blogging since the time of Zoella, or you just started last week, we all will have things that we think we did or went particularly well and things that didn't go so well, but don't let the cons get you down. Use it as a way to prepare for your next event, in the hope that you'll be more confident and prepared for it. The first couple of blogging events I ever went to, I didn't really interact that much with other bloggers or the brands and this was something I regretted heavily. I took it upon myself to gain some DAMN confidence and try to approach as many bloggers and brands at my next event. I mentally prepared myself for it and at the next event I attended I was so much more confident and was able to interact with so many more people and because of this I was able to leave the event with more brand relationships and new blogger friendships!

6 Post Blogging Tips, 100 Ways to 30, style, oxo tower, central london, all black outfit, boohoo fedora hat, heather chambers uk fashion & lifestyle blogger, events, blogging event, blog event
This photo appears on the post 'Black is the New Black'

As I said at the beginning, this is merely a guide on some of the things I think are important to do following a blogging event, they're not compulsory tips. However next time you go to an event, it wouldn't hurt to consider some of these tips post event and see the difference it makes to your blog, your blogger and brand relationships and your confidence! 

As always, thank you so much for reading. Until next time, I'm...

Scribbling Away Xx 

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