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Monday, 13 June 2016

Blogging the full works i.e. lifestyle, fashion, beauty AND everything else that comes in between is no easy job, but some bloggers are just above and beyond in terms of covering ALL of the content. Today I am talking you through my 4 top All round bloggers, who encompass all thing life, style, jet-setting to the sand and seas and all of the fluff in between. I hope you enjoy, because these ladies are all the biggest girl bosses around!

In the Frow:
In the Frow, Victoria In the Frow, In the from fashion, In the from style, In the from grey hair, In the from blogger
Image sourced directly from the Inthefrow website
Look, I'm not one to buy into the whole fan girl culture/movement thing...unless there's a Harry Potter/Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger trio involved. But when this lovely lady is involved, I am fangirl 2.0. Victoria has been my blogging inspiration from the very beginning. From her content quality, to her luxuriously chic personal style, inspirational work ethic and her general blogging aesthetic - everything she does is pretty much perfect! I love that she has consistently been able to manage a successful YouTube channel, while staying true to her blog and brand. She clearly understands her readers/viewers and all her videos and posts offer something valuable to them all. And let me tell you, I am no make up buff, but when IntheFrow posts a make up tutorial - I damn well watch, and I love it! With a brand new website (that even the highest of magazines would be envious of), frow (living up to her name!) seats at LFW, and a cameo in Meghan Trainor's 'Lips are movin' video, this girl is going places, and she isn't slowing down for anyone! 

The Elle Next Door:
Ellie Adams, The Elle Next Door, Fashion Blogger, Lifestyle blogger, The Blogger Agent Elle,
Image Sourced directly from the 'TheElleNextDoor' website.

Now this girl has done what so many bloggers wish to do but struggle to execute. She has stood out from the blogging crowd, and anyone who reads her blog knows what I'm talking about. Elle has this amazing ability to convey sharp wit, humour & sarcasm through her writing, all while making us lust after and want everything that she is wearing! Can someone get this girl her own magazine column please, because she is hilarious and such a talented writer. Elle is also such a lovely person and always takes the time to try to reply back to her readers AND comment back onto their own blogs aswell, and I think that is something that not every blogger is able to do, so you go Elle! You go Glen coco! 

Em Talks:
Em Sheldon, Em Talks blog, fashion blogger, leeds blogger, lifestyle blogger
Image Sourced directly from the 'EmTalks' website
Again just like Victoria, Em has been one of my biggest blogging inspirations from the very beginning of 100 Ways to 30, just like Victoria she has an amazing work ethic, and has achieved so much since the beginning of her blog. Her style is always chic, her make-up flawless and is a true inspiration. Em inspires me to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle, to focus on well-being, all while having those cheeky days in between where you can just indulge! After reading this personal post (here) I felt like I could really relate to how Em was feeling in the past. I have always followed the conventional path of life and I never really stepped on the cracks, because I never had the confidence to. This feeling is one of the reasons why I started 6 Impossible things, but I also now want to have more adventures i.e. travelling and just generally exploring the world, partly thanks to Em and her evident travel bug! She defied her fears and did her thing, and if Em can do it, I can too! 

I Want You To Know:
I Want you to know blog, Kristabel, Bloggers, Lifestyle Bloggers, Fashion Bloggers
Image Sourced directly from the 'IWantYouToKnow' website.
If you're looking for quintessential British style, vibrant escapades into cities of the unknown and explorations into the deepest corners of London, then Kristabel's blog is the one for you! One of the blogosphere's veterans, she has evolved her blog with the rapid change of the blogging industry into something that is individual, inspirational and one that is not afraid to stand apart from the crowd - and this is why I love Kristabel and her blog. She has created a brand for herself and this is reflected in everything she does. Whenever I am feeling lost creatively or de-motivated in blogging, Kristabel's blog is always the one I turn to, it inspires me to embrace change & strive to be myself, even if that means writing about funny, meaningless things like this and this - oh yeah, and this. These posts probably don't showcase the latest urban decay palette or the most "Instagrammable outfit" but they're what inspires and motivates me to blog and it's Kristabel's blog that inspires me to do this! So Kristabel, I want you to know this...girl you're pretty dang awesome, so keep doing your thing!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these 4 inspirational, beautiful and extremely bad-ass ladies. Looking for more blogger babes, have a read of my Top 5 Fashion Bloggers here.

Do you read any of these blogs? Who are your favourite all-round bloggers? Leave me a comment, below and let me know!

As always guys, thank you so much for reading! Until next time, I'm...

Scribbling Away Xx 

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  1. I love some of these bloggers too. It's always good to fangirl 💗

    1. Haha yes! Thank you for your comment Imogen, I love the name Imogen btw! :)

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