10 Reasons Why Audrey Hepburn is the Bae-est of All Bae's!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

There are very few Hollywood actresses that have captured my heart, it's usually the Hollywood males that take on that role, but there has always been something about Audrey Hepburn that was so refreshingly encapsulating.From the very first time I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's, I developed a fan-girl like girl crush over one of the most beautiful and talented actress of her time.  And over time as I watched her more and more, she captured my heart and tickled my soul. Audrey Hepburn truly is the bae-est of all bae's and I'm about to give you 10 reasons why:

She is QUEEN of the feline flick - nobody does it better...nobody does it, half as good as you, Audrey you're the best! What? Don't look at me like that, you know I was only talking about her eyeliner! Pfft, let's move on to point 2!

Holly Golightly anyone? The character that was many a topic of Blair Waldorf's dreams and my midday fantasies, played so gracefully by our resident queen. There is no one that could've played the wannabe socialite, better than our little Audrey - that's right, not even you Marilyn! "Cat, oh Cat?" Now, where could he be?

She owned a pet fawn, named PIPPIN! Now if that's not #cutegoals, I don't know what is! And if Instagram was around in those days, little Pippin would have been bloody insta famous!

She rocked pigtails, SO-DAMN-GOOD!

She got to play tonsil tennis with almost all of Hollywoods golden era golden boys and let's face it, everyone from your mum to your great grandmother were so bloody jealous. Humphrey Bogart anyone? Why yes, don't mind if I do!

She was graceful and elegant as fuck, but also incredibly humbling and modest. She often questioned why people perceived her to be so beautiful when she saw so many flaws.

She was besties with Givenchy - I mean, does this really warrant any further explanation? These two were such good pals, he even developed a personalised fragrance for her, called L'intermit, meaning forbidden. It was made and worn privately by Audrey for many years, before it was released to be sold to the public in the 60's. I mean, BFF goals or what?!

Style Icon - Audrey set trends galore! Be it in fashion, beauty, hair, philanthropy, she was the "it" girl of the golden era! When ladies took a trip down to the salon to get their hair cut, they would say "Give me the Audrey" otherwise known as her ever famous pixie cut.


She had countless things named after her, clothes, streets, flowers, if ever there was a more relatable star it was Audrey.

And finally, Audrey played the lead in some of the most famous romance films in Hollywood's history, Sabrina or Funny Face anyone? And no-one has ever played a love stricken, damsel in distress better than our Audrey. 

She remained graceful and beautiful, to the very end. She was a true talent and a real inspiration to the female specimen everywhere and for that she is the Baes-est of all Bae's. Thank you Audrey darling, we loved and still love ya gal!

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  1. I had no idea she owned a fawn?! SO COOL!!! :D


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