Do you #KnowYourSize? The Debenhams bra fit Campaign

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Hello lovely people of the internet! Please forgive my monstrous absence, I've had something of a turbulent past 2 months, which I will eventually address on here in another post, but today I'm here to talk to you about boobies and bras and all of that good stuff! 

I've got a question for you...Do you think you know your bra size? and I mean your real, accurately, measured size, do you? (I know I certainly didn't, even though I thought I did.) Did you know that the professional bra fitters at Debenhams found that in 2013, 7 out of 10 women wore the wrong size bra? Which has now risen to 8 out of 10 women! Can you believe that? I certainly was shocked! I think as women a lot of us either, get measured at a young age and never get measured again, we use inaccurate online guides or we hear certain scary myths about bra fitting that terrify us into never getting measured. Such as having to reveal our bare breasts to the bra fitter, when in actuality, you don't have to do nothing of the sort, the fitter will never have to see your naked boobs! 

Some of these myths are just a few reasons, why I haven't had a professional bra fit in years and why I'm sure up until a few weeks ago I was a part of the 8 out of 10 women who were wearing the wrong size of bra. And wearing the wrong size bra can effect you in more ways than you know, below are just 4 ways that wearing the incorrect size can affect your body: 

About a month ago I was contacted by the Debenhams PR team who told me all about the new campaign they're running called Debenhams bra fit, which is all about creating more awareness around women buying and wearing the right-fitting bra. They invited me down to their Oxford Street store, where I was treated to a complimentary professional bra fitting by one of their lingerie experts. 
The experience was one that was comfortable but also highly enlightening too, in a good way (As I upgraded a couple of cup sizes!). The staff who carry out the fittings are welcoming, very knowledgeable on all things bra and boobs and they don't ask you take your top off in front of them, contrary to popular belief! Following the fitting, the lady who fit me, also helped me to pick out a bra of my choice, by providing me with recommendations and honest feedback on what looked good and what didn't - it was almost like having my best friend there with me! 
I really do recommend the service, to anyone who has never had a professional bra fit before or who may be feeling a little bit scared or apprehensive about the prospect of a fitting, this service is definitely worth it. I would also recommend it to anyone who may have already had a fitting done in the last few years, as our breast sizes can fluctuate over time, due to so many different factors. In fact, Debenhams actually encourages women to get a fitting done every 6 months to ensure that you are always wearing the right size bra to support your breasts correctly. So why not head on down to Debenhams today, and get yourself a fitting, trust me, you'll be pleasantly surprised! If you're looking for some more information on the Debenhams bra fit, you can visit the site here.

Over the next couple of months in order to support the #Knowyoursize campaign, I will be reviewing and blogging some of Debenham's bra's in the campaign. While also giving you guys the chance to win the bras too, so keep your eyes peeled on my blog! The first review is up tomorrow so do come back then, for all details on how to win yourself a brand new bra!

As always thank you guys for reading and until next time...#Knowyoursize!

Scribbling Away Xx 

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