Throwback: 11 Best Things of the 90's!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the  90's. An era where, I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller (spot the popular 90's song reference there?)

Anyhoo, swiftly moving on...

The 90's were probably the best flipping era of the 20th century! Ok, so maybe not the best, I think we all know that the 60's takes that crown - mini skirts, the Martin Luther King 'I have a Dream' speech, moon landing and of course the era of my parent's birth, I mean come on, you can't get any more fabulous than the 60's! But you know what, the 90's are up there too (mainly becuase this was the era of my birth - but hey, who's keeping score?!)

The 90's was a time for cool and just like the 60's, it was a time for change. It was the decade before the turn of the millennium and before the change of the uber cool 21st century. Lots of "things" were happening and lots of "things" were changing. Today I'm going to tell you the 12 best things of the 90's, that I would totally want to relive all over again, enjoy!

1. Vintage MTV:
Back when MTV music was the place to play all your favourite school party songs? S Club 7 anyone? Nowadays MTV is filled with programmes like Catfish, ANCIENT Cribs re-runs and the most terrible remake of skins to ever grace our TV screens, it's just not the same and I can't-DEAL!

2. Slime filled game shows:
It was messy, it looked like the runniest of bogies, but if you say that you never once dreamed of being slimed on a children's game show, then you're lying! Being slimed were what 90's kid daydreams were made of!
Source: Getting Slimed Gif
3. Dungarees:
I've been wearing dungarees from the year 1995, and I'm not about to stop now! My love for dungarees will never ever die! You'll see this in my new 90's outfit post on Friday! And don't tell me you never felt like doing 'the hammer time' or 'the carlton' dance move when dressed in one.
Source:Dungarees Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith dancing Gif
4. 90's Games Consoles: 
When I see kids nowadays going crazy over games like Call of Duty and Mindcraft! I look at them with sympathy, for they will never truly know the sheer awesomeness of the forgotten consoles of the 90's. Firing up the Nintendo 64 was my favourite pastime and when that was over, along came the gameboy, to which the world of Pokemon Red became my new home and I would play it all day long, until the batteries eventually ran out... #90'sgameconsoleproblems people!
Source: Nintendo Gameboy
5. Tamagotchi's: 
You mean I can have my OWN pet animal, that doesn't actually require having to pick up it's poop or take it out for long walks and it's electronic? Yes please! The whole concept of a Tamagotchi or any other electronic pet for that matter, BLEW my mind, as I'm sure it did for all the other 90's kids!
Source: Tamagotchi gif 
Now I don't really miss these, heck I didn't even know of them in the 90's, but I thought I would include them in the list - just for the LOL's! Just so we can all see AND appreciate just how far technology has come and how thankful I am for the likes of people like Steve Jobs and Apple! #Iwillnevercomplainaboutmyiphoneagain
Source: Old Cellphone gif
7. Supermarket Sweep:
Please don't even get me started on this show! I lived for it. I remember watching it everyday when I went to my babysitter's house and all I wanted to do was watch this show all damn day. Dale Winton was actually my hero! I remember going grocery shopping with my mom on the weekend and wondering why life wasn't like a real life supermarket sweep, with everyone running around the supermarket filling their basket with fruit and vegetables!
Source: Supermarket Sweep Gif
8. VHS/VCR/Cassette's: 
We all have known the satisfaction that comes with the winding up of the tape in a video and cassette tape. But we also know the frustration of when we spend a half century doing this, for the tape to still not work when inserted into the player!
Source: Winding a cassette gif
9. Slab bands:
When your older brother slaps your wrist with one of these things, you feel the burn right through to the depths of your soul, but you cursed the day that they were banned at your school. It was your deadliest weapon, as far as weapons go at school!
Source: 90's slap band gif

10. Dreamphone:
I remember begging for this as a young girl, because all I wanted was to have multiple boyfriends, who I could have "innocent" phone talk with! My parents denied me of this luxury, but luckily my Aunt caved in and did, unfortunately I only got to have 3 minutes talking to boys on my dreamphone, before my Mom hid it away from me for all eternity. But those 3 minutes were the best 3 minutes of my life!

Dreamphone game gif
11. Slinky's:
Want to tangle a slinky? It's the easiest thing in the world! But to get it to jump down the stairs one by one? The hardest thing of life! But they provided hours and hours of entertainment for me as a young child and if they ever did get tangled, don't even bother trying to untangle them, just tell your Mom you need to take another trip down to Woolworth's for "gel pens and felt tips" and sneak it into your basket while there, she would be none the wiser!

Now how much of a throwback was that?! I hope you have enjoyed taking this trip down to 90's (the second best era of the 20th century) memory lane with me and have had a little chuckle and maybe a cry about the 11 best things of the 90's. Do come back again soon, Bye!

Do you remember some of the things from this post? What's your favourite decade from the 21st Century?

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  1. Aww slap bracelets!! So fun! I miss being a kid so much haha

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. I know right?! Ahh those were the days! Thank you for your comment lovely! :)

      Heather Xx

  2. Oh my gosh, I remember EVERYTHING on this list! My friends and I loved our slap bracelets and also wearing two pairs of different colored socks. All the bright, colorful clothing! And the 90's definitely had the best tv shows IMO, I still watch a lot of them hahaha. Great post! XO -Kim


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