A Burst of Colour Lookbook with Twinings: Super Fruity Tartan Ethereal

Monday, 29 February 2016

Welcome to my final and favourite look of my burst of colour lookbook with Twinings tea! Today's outfit has been paired with the tangy berry, super fruity tea flavour. Which twinings describes as a juicy burst of summer fruit flavours, which is what I have tried to capture with the style of my images.

I've gone for a kind of edgy/preppy look for this flavour, one that embodies the tang of the berries and the edge of the sharp flavours. I've gone for my favourite tunic from Boohoo that never fails to remind me of all things summer with it's translucent material and edgy tartan print.

Just like in yesterday's look, I have gone for my favourite statement necklace from primark, that helps to add a change in colour and texture to the look, adding extra depth.
The knee high's are from Primark and are pretty much a given with any blouse-come-shirt-dress look. It adds a sense of cool school girl prep to the look, which I am just living for at the moment!

I really did like how these images turned out, the sun glare and the rustic/earthy location kind of makes for an ethereal style land, which works so well with the look and the natural berry taste of the tea! Providing these were taken in my garden, I think they turned out pretty well!

Get the Look:
TARTAN TUNIC - Boohoo | BEANIE - Primark | KNEE HIGH's - Primark | STATEMENT NECKLACE - Primark |
So that brings me to the end of my burst of colour lookbook with twinings. It's been an interesting journey of colourful outfits, tasteful teas and ethereal locations, and I really hoped you enjoyed my looks! Until starting this project I never really wouldv'e paired teas and fashion together, but now that's all I want to everytime I see a colourful box of tea - or any food for that matter now. I see colourful, creative packaging and I immediately am coming up with outfits in my head! You guys should try it!
Did you like my tartan look? Do you ever get style inspiration from flavours or packaging of food?


  1. Absolutely love this look! :) I really like the pattern of the tunic & the knee-highs go perfectly with it x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  2. I love this outfit! I think it works really well with the tea - the colours work with the super fruity part, and the cozy details really work well with tea :) I never would have thought to pair fashion and food and drink! It's definitely an interesting idea! Food is packaged so uniquely sometimes :)


  3. love the plaid dress! great style!



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