5 Reasons Why Everything Should Be High Waisted

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

High waisted bottoms are a favourite of mine. Whether it's high waisted trousers, high waisted midi skirts, mini skirts, shorts - whatever, they are a firm staple of mine and a style I think every girl should have at least one item of in their wardrobe. Scroll on through, to read a few reasons, why I think everything should be high waisted.
1 ) TAILORS - There's nothing like a high waisted trouser or a high waisted skirt to get you to look smart, chic and effortlessly tailored. Casual or smart, high waists have this amazing ability to make your outfits look like you're pretty much ready to kick some legal ass! (If you're a lawyer that is) Or rather, some blogging ass! And yes that is a belly roll, you above, I was trying to look cute!

2 ) ELONGATES - High waisted bottoms define your waist, and in doing so, they elongate your legs. As a shorty, I always opt for high waisted trousers when I'm wearing flats or trainers, because they just create the illusion of me having lamppost legs rather than tiny little matchsticks. And if you're already naturally tall, then you'll step out looking very model-esque. Legs - for - days!

3 ) COVERS - Who hates belly buttons? All in favour, say I...Just me..ok then. None the less, whether belly buttons freak you out or not, it looks so much nicer when you're wearing a crop top & a high waisted skirt and your belly button is covered. Subsequently high waists also have a reliable history of discreetly hiding food babies since 1994. To conclude they make your outfit look cleaner, less - fleshy? and less foody. Do you get my drift?

4 ) COMPATIBLE - A high waisted bottom can be paired with just about anything and you would come out looking S-M-O-K-I-N-G! No word of a lie! Pair high waisted trousers with a tucked in chiffon shirt for the office, an A -line mini and a ribbed turtleneck for late 60's glam or even high waisted shorts and a crop top for a summer of love. Whatever the weather, whatever the occasion, high waists have got you covered.

5 ) COMPLETES - They complete you. They complete your soul, and make you feel whole again. Yes, that's right, you did hear correctly. Pairing a high waisted mini skirt to your daily wear, can add a hint of glam and sex appeal that is just right for a day out in london or a night out for drinks. It completes your look and is the finishing touch that just ties everything else into place. Your look, your work, your life.

So there you have it, 5 very well rounded reasons why EVERYTHING should be high waisted! Was my argument convincing enough for you? Do you love high waists? Do let me know in the comments! I hope you enjoyed the post! 

As always thank you so much for reading, until next time, I'm...

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  1. I HATE belly buttons too! They gross me out, ha!

    I do prefer high waisted over low rise!




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