5 Reasons Why I Will Probably Get Married in These Boohoo Boots

Friday, 4 December 2015

Boohoo Chunky Cut out boots, black, gold buckles - 100 ways to 30

I have worn many a boot in my lifetime, some have treated me well, and some have been complete and utter arseholes! But none of them can compare to my black Boohoo chunky boots! They are the love of my life, the chalk to my cheese, the up to what must come down! These boots never stop giving and I have recently come to the conclusion that I should show them how much they mean to me by getting married in them. Yes you did read that correctly, I love these boots so much I will probably get married in them...not convinced? Well here's 5 reasons why I am probably going to get married in these boots, enjoy!

1. They are black
Need I say more? Pretty standard really, the boots are black, I'm black, my soul is...black. Black is a classic, staple colour, it goes with just about anything and tie any look together and make it look chic - even...a Vera Wang wedding dress...perhaps!

2. Gold Buckles
Buckles are the epitome of every good shoe, they remind us of our childhood, when we used to rock those ridiculously ugly t-bar buckled flats for school, they remind us of a simpler time. And now when we wear them - we feel classier, we feel more mature, we feel like the ugly childhood buckled shoes are a thing of the past - and that we have well and truly got our s!@* together! Well that's how I feel anyway...
Boohoo Chunky Cut out boots, black, gold buckles - 100 ways to 30

3. Style
I will admit when the cut out trend first emerged, I was a little iffy, I mean if I wanted a little breeze in my shoe, I would've opted for a sandle or god forbid - flip flops. But over time, cut out boots grew on me, and eventually I bought my first pair - these boots! And I was in love, cut out's make it look edgy, it makes it look sassy, it makes it cool!

4. Heel size
Now I'm no supermodel, I'm a measly 5'4, and can't stand it when I look short, so I love to opt for heels, that give the illusion that I am taller than I actually am. However while some heels can be uncomfortable, these ones aren't! They have a chunky 3 inch heel that is not too tall and not too short, while the chunkiness of the heel doesn't make it too painful to stand up in them for 8 hours every day! Pretty solid for a 10 hour wedding day methinks, right?
Boohoo Chunky Cut out boots, black, gold buckles - 100 ways to 30

5. Boohoo

And last but not least, they're from Boohoo! Boohoo can do no wrong for me, with affordable prices, their products really do stand the test of time! I have had these boots for two years now and they are still going strong, all they need is swish of shoe polish and they look as good as new. Just perfection!

So what do you think? Are they wedding day worthy yet? Ok I'm not going to lie, I probably won't wear these on my wedding day because, well that's Jimmy Choo's job, but I can't deny, these are probably my most favourite shoes I have ever owned - and my love for them will NEVER DIE! 

Do you like these boots? Do you have a pair of shoes you will never stop loving?

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  1. Heather, you seriously made me LOL. I LOVE those boots, I am such a sucker for booties with chunky heels and gold detailing. I have about 50 pairs and wear them year round so I completely understand your boot love for these! They are super gorgeous and I love the cutout detail. Now when you are doing posts about your wedding I'm going to remind you that you said you would wear these LOL! Hope you have a wonderful weekend gorgeous! XO -Kim

  2. God! You little comedian! Great post made me laugh! xx

  3. i adore those boots! the buckle detail is so pretty

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

  4. I loovee these boots! They look super cute.


  5. Please, 5'4 is not short! I say this as someone barely reaching 5'2!

    I love those boots too! Oh my gosh! I love boots, especially one with chunky heels. The fact it's a black and so stylish is just perfect! I love everything about it!

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'



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