NEWGEN SS16: The Rising Stars of the British Fashion Industry

Friday, 6 November 2015

British fashion design really is one of the most innovative and adventurous of it's kind and I just find it so refreshing to see young and upcoming talented designers bringing out designs that are just as weird and wonderful as those being created by the fashion veterans. However so many of these amazing designers can find it hard to break-through into the fashion world, and this is where NEWGEN comes in. NEWGEN provides support to upcoming designers through funding, mentoring and providing them with the opportunity to showcase their stunning talent at London Fashion Week on the catwalk and through creative presentations. Since it's beginning it has seen successes such as J.W. Anderson, Simone Rocha (who I adore!) and Christopher Kane, to name but a few.I personally love to see the collections from NEWGEN, they always seem cool, edgy and and refreshingly different from the more popular designs seen at LFW. It also gives us a peek into the kind of fashion trends we can look forward to as these are essentially the designers of the future! Today I show you my favourite collections from NEWGEN SS16, enjoy!

Faustine Steinmetz
Now what was that I was saying earlier about innovation and creativity? Well Faustine Steinmetz's collection embodied both of these things and more. It was a surreal setting, with models hanging half in and half out of walls, I literally had to look twice half of the time to make sure that there was actually a body attached to the hanging limbs. With casual denim, monochrome stripes and trailing grey sweatshirts, this collection was definitely one of the many weird and wonderful designs I love about young British design!
Claire Barrow
Inspired by questions of what the world would be like without technology, Claire Barrows created a collection for London Fashion Week that was fun and playful! The collection has a whiff of 80's fashion about it, with the over-sized suits and emphasis on huge sleeves and shoulders, could this be a nod to the upcoming 80's revival trend, I have been so desperately praying for? She's definitely one to watch!
Molly Goddard
Made famous for her realist, models painting at easels presentation last year, this year was equally as fabulous, if not more! With the key focus being the preparation of sandwiches - random I know, but this is why everyone loves Molly! Molly has also appeared on the British Vogue Youtube Channel's new fashion series 'Future of Fashion' featuring Alexa Chung, and she is featured as the next it designer to watch - and with this collection I can see why. Her clothes are eclectic, fun and she is always experimenting with different textures and shapes! I feel like Molly is the new Simone Rocha and just like Simone, people will quickly fall in love with her and her unique designs. She's only going to continue to grow and get bigger and better in the fashion world!

There were a few more designers from NEWGEN, whose collections I also loved. 1205 and their minimal, structured pieces captured my eye, but I didn't include them here as I also included them in my London Fashion Week Favourites. If you wanted to view further collections you can visit the British Fashion Council's website, where they have all the information about applying for the scheme and also about all the winners for SS16. I hope you enjoyed reading this post guys, it's a little bit of a different fashion Friday, but with the rain pouring down at every hour of the day and no hope of taking any outfit photos whatsoever, I decided to switch it up a bit! Thank you for reading! 

Who is your favourite NEWGEN designer for SS16? What do you love the most about British Fashion?
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  1. I love how Faustine Steinmetz presented her clothing, so innovated! Thanks for sharing with those of us who are here in the states :D XO -Kim

    1. I know right, it's so cool, I love interesting and quirky presentations like that! Hehe no worries and thank you for commenting Kim! :)

      Heather Xx

  2. I absolutely love Molly Goddard, always such beautiful collections and a lot more attainable too!


    1. Yes exactly, she is genius! And I'm sure her designs are going to blow up in the next couple of seasons! Thank you for your comment lovely! :)

      Heather Xx

  3. I have to admit I have an unhealthy obsession with London & the UK. The British fashion, makeup, etc. is high on my list here in the US and I love this post! The more I can learn about Britain, the better! xx,


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