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Friday, 27 November 2015

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Well hello there, it's been a while, hasn't it? I did mention it on twitter about 2 weeks ago, but recently I just felt like I needed to take some time out from blogging and just life in general. Sometimes holding down two jobs, blogging, and personal life, can get a little bit consuming and we all just need a break! Anyhoo, I have had my break and I am back...HIP, HIP - HURRAH!

Moving on from my ever frequent, unnecessary, introductory ramble, I have a brand new wishlist for you today, featuring a few of my favourites from the lovely LYDC London. And let me tell you, this brand is every bag lover's dream! I was so delighted when they contacted me, asking me to get involved with a few of their blogging projects - and of course I said yes!

So just to give you a bit of a background, LYDC London is a luxury design brand, who pride themselves on a "Strong design...with a modern twist." Their bags are classic in design, but modern in their styling, colour and pattern. The first thing that I noticed about them, was that they had something for just about everyone, it wasn't just for the girly girl, it was for the edgy, the fashion conscious and your very glam gran, they're universal and I love them for it! Now onto wishlist, here are my LYDC London favourites for the Autumn/Winter collection:
LYDC London Backpack Quilted Beige - 100 Ways to 30
 Quilted Backpack in Beige - So I am kicking it off with an age-old bag favourite of mine - The Backpack, the student pack, the geek sack, whatever you wish to call it, it is a fabulous shape and one which I will never stop loving. I love to dress quite preppy & androgynous, and a backpack always goes so well with these styles. This particular one has a beautiful quilted design which adds a lovely texture to it's neutral beige colour, while also having the ability to compliment almost any style and colour of outfit. See it here.
LYDC London Backpack Black Faux Fur - 100 Ways to 30
Faux Fur & Croc Skin Bakcpack Black - Ahh LYDC you are just ticking all the boxes for me with your backpacks! They've literally got one in every style and I am in love. The combination of the faux fur trim along with the croc skin, adds that extra bit of glam and sass, to it's casual backpack shape! It is versatile enough to glam up an LBD for a night out or to dress down a casual pair of jeans and black boots. This would go so well with a white and black monochrome look, perhaps with a long duster, leather trousers, white tee and some black platform boots - Ahh I can just see it now! See it here.
LYDC London grab bag winter floral, blue, purple - 100 Ways to 30
Winter Floral Grab Bag - Now I'm not really one for florals, I tend to see them as a bit too girly and pretty, I love my fashion items to have a bit of edge...However, this bag may be laced with the floral print, but it is anything but girly. With it's structured boxy shape, it almost gives the illusion of a very smart briefcase, while still keeping it feminine with the floral print! The bag also features a detachable strap, which allows you to alter the bag to suit your daily style, how cool? See it here.
LYDC London Tartan Round grab bag, red, black - 100 Ways to 30
Tartan Round Grab Bag - LYDC describes this as the bag that is for the niece that is 12 going on 20...and I couldn't agree more! This bag is definitely something that my awkward, tartan obsessed twelve year old self would have chosen to wear and would still choose to wear now. Because A) I am still ridcilously obsessed with anything tartan (I secretly think I might be a bit Scottish) and B) I am - in actuality, ladies and gentlemen, 20 going on 12! Grab bags like this are perfect for those days when you have to nip out for a couple of hours with a few errands, but don't really want to lug around a backpack or big tote bag. They are big enough to fit in your everyday essentials - and by everyday essentials, I mean the mass of  £1.99 McDonalds meal vouchers you have cut out from 'The Metro' newspaper - becuase...well...#cheaptimes See it here
LYDC London Cross body bag, navy, white, colour - block - 100 Ways to 30
Colour block cross bag Navy & White - Ok, so a bit of a break from all the backpacks now, I bet you thought they would never end! I adore this bag! It almost kind of reminds me of the Chloe Drew Bag, in it's shape. The simple monochrome colours, accented with gold fastenings, makes the bag appear classic, yet chic at the same time, and is definitely one for the modern girl's wardrobe! See it here.

LYDC London Purple Shaved Faux Fur Shoulder Bag  - 100 Ways to 30Shaved Faux Fur Shoulder Bag in Purple - And finally (I bet you thought this would never end!) this stunningly chic shoulder bag! Shoulder bags again are so practical for days when you've got a lot to do, but don't want to heave around a ginormous tote. This one is bigger than the tartan grab bag and has a lovely rectangular shape, which means you can fit your notepad (for all those spontaneous blog post ideas you get while devouring your £1.99 McDonald's meal), all of your make - up essentials, with room still left for your fresh and new £1.99 McDonald's vouchers collected from your commute (I'm a wee bit obsessed with these vouchers - can you tell?). I love the purple shaved faux fur trim, paired with the gold details, which all help to create an effortlessly chic look, perfect for the evening time too! See it here

So what do you guys think about LYDC London? I think they're great! I just love how they have such a wide variety of styles, shapes and colours, which is suitable for all personal styles, and that sometimes can be hard to find with fashion brands. If you like what you see here, why not head on over to the LYDC London website, becuase there is a whole load of beautiful bags like the ones in this post, just waiting to be bought!

LYDC have also provided me with a unique discount code for you guys to use. Use 'HEATHER10' so you can get 10% off your pretty little handbag! Gorgeous designs for less, what more could you ask for? 

Which was your favourite bag? Have you heard of LYDC London?
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  1. I've never heard of LYDC London before! Definitely going to have a look now! Lovely styles you've picked out!

    Sinead x

  2. ADORE the first and the last bag!!

    xx Izzy | Qthee


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