A Little Bit of a Life Update

Monday, 30 November 2015

Hello everybody! Jheeze louise it feels like a lifetime since I have posted on here, even though realistically, it's only been two weeks! But as I mentioned in my LYDC wishlist post I needed a bit of time to relax and refresh my mind, because it was getting very very boggled!

Anyhow, I am back , and I am about to embark on a new adventure in work, in education, in blogging and life in general, so I thought that I would talk about all these upcoming changes I'll be going through over the coming months!

1. New Job:
If you all watched my 6 Impossible Things October update video, you would have seen that the interview I went for at the beginning of October, was successful, and I got the job! Which means that I will now be working in mental health, and gaining that much needed vital experience I need to progress onto my doctorate in clinical psychology. I am so excited to start learning more about mental health, and helping to enhance the lives of those living with these illnesses!

2. Mastering in Psychology:
I have also decided that I am going to go back to education and study for a masters!! I was kind of sitting on the fence with this one because I didn't know if I would get a job, to help pay for my tuition fees, but now I have, I'm definitely doing it! I'm thinking of doing it in CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) or clinical psychology, and it will just be a great opportunity for me to learn more about mental health diagnosis, treatment & contribute to vital research in the field, I'm so excited!
3. Life Overhaul:
When I gave up my full-time job in March to focus on my dissertation, everything that I had planned to do in the summer had to be put on hold, because my part time therapy job was just not tiding me over financially, from the beginning to the end of the month. However, now I've got a full-time job again, I can resume all the things I had planned for my life "overhaul". 
These include:
- A revamp and complete redesign of my bedroom.
- Buy a new DSLR camera which allows me to film higher quality films for YouTube. Because, while my Iphone is a good enough substitute, there's still so much I want to achieve visually and creatively and a higher quality camera will get me this!
- Save up and buy myself a car (because my train and bus anxiety is just getting worse by the day & it's not something I can deal with for much longer tbh) so - mini cooper it is!
- Buy a new boiler for my house (it is literally on it's last legs - and is constantly breaking down!)
- Get myself a Macbook! I don't know if you guys remember me telling you this, but at the beginning of the summer my laptop died - like full on DEAD! Which meant that so many things I was in the process of doing had to be put on hold e.g. writing my novel, photo editing, and even blogging - but no more I say - no more!

4. A Brand New 100 Ways to 30!!
Now this is perhaps the one I am most excited for! I have wanted to change up my blog design for some time now. I'm just not feeling my layout that much anymore - and to be honest I'm a little bit bored! So I have decided, hopefully in the new year, 100 Ways to 30 is going to get a brand new face! New design, new layout, new header, better photos, better content - the lot! I'm at a point now where I really am passionate, hungry and ready to take my blog to the next level, and I feel like in order to do that I need to start afresh, and that is exactly what I'll be doing! Also, I'm looking for blog template designers, so if you guys know anyone, please tweet me here or leave a comment below letting me know who your favourites are, thanks! :)

And that's been my life lately and a sneak peek of what's about to come - I'm so bloody excited! Thank you guys so much for reading and stay tuned for all the changes coming to 100 Ways to 30, very soon! :)

Have you guys got any major life changes planned? Have you ever redesigned your blog? Who would you recommend for blog design?

Scribbling Away Xx 

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  1. Yayyy on the new job! Well done! It's so exciting to have all these life changes happen all at once, and I'm looking forward to your new blog look.

    Saskia / girlinbrogues.com

  2. Haha, I don't think I've gone more than two months without making some kind of major change to my blog layout. I'm just never fully happy with it! Hopefully I'm getting closer ;) I tend to look for free ones, though, so I'm not sure how helpful I can be on that front.

    Good luck with all of these changes! You've certainly got a lot on your plate, but I'm confident that you can get it all done. Congratulations on the job, by the way! It's great that you've found something that you think you will enjoy, and that will take you farther in your future career and your interests.

    Good luck with everything!


  3. Congrats with everything!! I truly hope you accomplish everything within your life overhaul! Its great to set goals :) Excited to see your new blog design!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  4. CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW JOB! Thats so exciting! And i adore the necklace your wearing in these pictures!

  5. Congrats on the new job and going back to school Heather, that is so exciting! XO My husband suffers from bad anxiety and what really helped him turn his life around was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy so that is really amazing to hear you are interested in studying further in that area. I'm excited to see you progress in the mental health field, such an important and worthy area of study! Happy to read this update! XO -Kim


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