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Monday, 9 November 2015

 When I first started blogging, I had no idea that this whole other world existed! I didn't know about the chats and I didn't know about the masses of other supportive bloggers who you would find you would have so much in common with. There are so many working components in the field of blogging, that sometimes it is easy to forget their value, so today I want to talk about all the little moving parts that play their part in helping us to be amazing bloggers, business owners & just all round happier people!

The Platforms: Blogger, Wordpress, Instagram etc.
I guess this one kind of goes without saying, because without the platform to actually write or produce a blog, how else would we do it? I am grateful to the creators of these sites, becuase they have set fire to a whole new world of possibility and wonder! And it's a world that I am now happy and eager to thrive and grow in.

The Bloggers:
And of course no list would be complete without the amazingly talented and supportive blogging community! Blogs are on the increase and everyday there are new bloggers joining the community, each with their own unique sense of style, creativity and kindness. It's the blogging community that keeps me going a lot of the time; it's the tweets, the blog comments and the help that I get from them that always lifts my spirits and motivates me to continue on with my blog!

The Retweet, Hashtag & Advice Communities:
I owe so much of my traffic to these communities and have no idea what the heck I was doing for traffic before I discovered them! I'm talking about the @FemalebloggerRT @BBlogRT, @TheBloggersHangout, #BloggingGals , #lbloggers & #fbloggers of the world! They rewteet, they share and they get your content seen! And for bloggers like me who have a relatively small but growing follower count, sometimes that one retweet can get you a new reader or a new follower and for that I am always grateful to them and the work they do!

Aside from this there are also the advice communities, the ones that share their knowledge on all the tips and tricks of how to run a blog! In the beginning I was really scared to ask bloggers for help and it was people like the bloggers lounge that taught me practically everything I needed to know and I would read their sites religiously and still do if there was ever anything I needed blogging advice on!

The Twitter Chats:
Ahh who could ever forget their first twitter chat? I know I certainly haven't! Everything on the screen looked so weird to me, I was a complete beginner in using twitter and I had no idea what I was doing. But there was one thing that I was sure of after my first chat, and that was that I was definitely coming back for more! You see, I didn't even have twitter when I first started my blog, and when I did eventually get it, I didn't use it for  a few months, but it was then in my first twitter chat that I got the twitter bug and a real sense of a blogging community and I wanted to be a part of it!

The blogosphere is full of a multitude of different factors which all contribute to making our blogs work, but we also must not forget ourselves. Be proud of your blog and all you have to offer, because bloggers are amazing. We're the editors, photographers and designers of what you could potentially call an online publication - we are triple threats! And that to me is just mind-blowingly amazing, so don't you forget it guys!

What is behind the scenes of your blog? Do you agree with my list?

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  1. You are so right! Although I still do not have a twitter account! I always think about it but for some reason I always chicken out? haha I don't even know why! Maybe one day i'll create one! Great post :)

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. Ahh yeahhh I remember you saying, come to twitter, we're all friendly and the twitter chats are so fun, I think you would love them! Thank you for commenting lovely! :)

      Heather Xx

  2. Heather, you are so cute! I definitely am glad they created platforms for bloggers because I'm am totally clueless when it comes to anything tech! Other bloggers are such a plus for me, I've met so many lovely people through blogging! Loved this post! XO -Kim

    1. Hahaha, tell me about it! Yes I love bloggers, I have met so many people who like the same things as me and who have had similar experiences to me and you can just really connect with them! Thank you for commenting sweets, I hope you are well! :)

      Heather Xx

  3. What's funny is how many pictures it takes to get the "perfect" one that makes you look flawless and you're just looking sleek. I was looking through a few and most of the pictures have me making a ridiculous face or one eye is closed and my mouth is hanging open. The ONE picture that comes out makes it look so easy but it's definitely not that easy haha! Being a blogger is a whole different world that most people don't understand! xx,


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