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Thursday, 8 October 2015

My Mental Health Warriors #ShareSpeakStop
Hello again guys! Welcome back to another post in my #ShareSpeakStop series. If this is the first post you are reading in this series, I'll explain what it's all about. This Saturday is World Mental Health Day and to honour that I have decided to write about mental health every day in order to share my mental health knowledge and understanding, speak out against the discrimination in the hope that it can help to stop the stigma! #ShareSpeakStop. And I would love for you to get involved too, share my posts, start a discussion or write one of your own using the #ShareSpeakStop, and together we can help to create more awareness and in turn save lives and make people happier!

Today's post is all about my mental health warriors, these are the people who have had a significant impact on my wellbeing, positivity and have simply just inspired me to keep on going. So I have decided to share them with you aswell in the hope that it will help inspire you, just as it did me.

I'm sure many of you must have heard by now that a few weeks ago, the beautiful and shining star that was Jacqueline Boulton passed away. Now I never knew Jacqueline personally, but when I first watched her mental health story a few months ago, I felt like I did. Her brave nature and the way that she was open and honest in her video about her illness, inspired me to be stronger and more positive. Her smile touched me in such a way that every time she did smile in that video, I felt a surge of hope, a feeling that those dark days I experienced last year would never return. It was just one video, one smile and one girl, but it changed my whole outlook on life in such a positive way and for that I will always be grateful to her. And I wish I was given the opportunity to get to know her. May she rest in peace. Please watch her video on mental health. #ShareSpeakStop and tribute page http://jacquelinekay.boulton.muchloved.com/ #SunflowersforJacqueline

I came across this lovely lady's blog from a twitter chat one evening, months ago and I instantly fell in love with it and became connected to her. Again I was inspired at how brave she was to share her very personal and challenging time with mental health - she was sharing her story, for the greater good, she was speaking out and she was telling her truth. Giving others hope and encouragement that it was ok for them to share theirs too and that they can fight their illness just like she did. I am so proud of this girl, even though I don't actually know her (LOL), just like Jacq, I feel like I do and she has come so far over these past couple of months - so keep it up girl, you're doing amazing and I'm sure your blog has inspired and helped so many people already. Check out her blog and Youtube here. & here #ShareSpeakStop

Jemma Dorkface Blog #ShareSpeakStop
I first came across Jemma's blog dorkface in my early days of blogging, I was still figuring out twitter and everything social media, when I stumbled across this post. Jemma was telling her story on depression and how blogging had been the saving grace she needed. I just remember reading it all and thinking wow, she has been through so much and yet here she is, blogging, sharing her story and speaking up. It inspired and motivated me to want to do better at blogging, to talk more about mental health and spread awareness. She made me want to start to try new things, to remember my passions and most importantly to never give up. Jemma is an inspiration to so many and I'm sure you all know her blog by now but if not check it out here. #ShareSpeakStop

For personal reasons, I'm not going to name or include any pictures of this person, but I just want them to know how proud I am of them. This girl is someone who on the surface may not appear to be physically strong, but what she lacks for in physical strength, she makes up for in mental strength. She has been through so much in her life already and everyday she gets up and goes about her day with a smile on her face, not letting the bad things get her down - she just does her. She stood by me and helped me through my hard times and she really does have a heart of gold. I vow to be there for you, in any time of need and will stay strong for you, just like you did for me. Love you. #ShareSpeakStop

This lady deserves all the love and support because she is AH-MAZING! I first heard about her in my clinical psychology lecture, where we were shown a TED talk that she presented on her life with schizophrenia and becoming a psychologist. Hearing her story of when she first started to hear voices and her struggle to get herself through uni and eventually gaining a BSc and an MSc requires a tremendous amount of strength. Psychology is not the easiest of professions to get into, but to do it while being a diagnosed schizophrenic - jheeze louise! I am so amazed and motivated to now work hard and push myself to reach my goal of becoming a clinical psychologist now after seeing that she has made it possible, I can too! Watch her amazingly powerful TED talk here.  #ShareSpeakStop

And there are so many more who have inspired and have been so brave throughout their mental health illness, and you should be proud too. Proud of what you have been through or are going through and continue to stand up to the haters and demons of mental health! Don't forget to #ShareSpeakStop Join me tomorrow for another post in my series. Catch up on all my mental health posts here!

Do you know these ladies? Who are your mental health warriors? 

Scribbling Away Xx 

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  1. What a fantastic campaign and inspring ladies! Great topic to encourage discussions on mental health. Wonderful post, Heather!! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you! These ladies are so amazingly inspiring and strong, glad you enjoyed it! :)

      Heather Xx


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