Learning to Love Social Media: 5 Benefits

Saturday, 31 October 2015

We all love social media, and all the perks it comes with, but for some, like me, it can be a real struggle to  get used to and to start loving. I have mentioned before that I have never really been social media savvy, and while I have dabbled in the arts of programming, coding and all things statistical for psychology, I have always been the girl with my head in the books.

And for a while I was lost in a world of unknown, where I thought Twitter was solely for the use of celebrities and the elite, while YouTube was a place to watch the latest Beyonce video!

It wasn't until I started blogging - god knows how I ever even discovered what that was! That I started to really appreciate and see the benefits of social media - of which might I add, are plenty! And while there is dark and light, which I have mentioned in my 'Social Media: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly post', there's no denying that it has been good to us bloggers & dare I say it..."influencers" and today I will honour Social Media in all it's glory & all it has to offer. Here are 5 benefits of Social Media:

1. Relationships: Perhaps, my most favourite thing about social media and am sure a lot of you blogger's favourites aswell! When I first started using apps like Twitter & Instagram I had no idea the amount of people I would instantly feel connected to. They were the type of people that didn't make me feel alone, I didn't feel different, and they somehow understood my life. It was weird, especially for me as I have huge trust issues, but I somehow felt like I could trust them & that I could be open around them and that for me, beats any con of social media - any day of the week!

2. Monetize: Need I even explain what this means. From getting paid thousands "allegedly" for one single Instagram post, to blogging veterans like Man Repeller hiring fully fledged media teams. The ability to monetize one's social media is becoming a phenomenon and is a band wagon (don't judge me for it) I would love to jump on one day (while still loving blogging for blogging of course - and not the money)!

3. Branding: With social media you can basically re-brand and become anyone you want to be, and while this can be a negative aspect, it can give someone the confidence to be the person they have always wanted, to build up their self-esteem or to simply inspire others with creativity. Everything from a blog, to your Instagram, to your twitter feed is branded and is an extension of you - and that's pretty cool if you ask me! Just stay clear of the underwear-on-head-champagne-glass-in-hand-dancing-on-table post, it might not go down so well with your new boss!

4. Educational: In a weird way yes, yes it is educational! How you ask? Well, take twitter for example, there are over a million users using the app at any one time alone, all sharing ideas, all sharing knowledge and all sharing experiences. A lot of the time social media acts as that place to spread more awareness about a topic, or to simply just report and that is sometimes far more beneficial than any school lesson could give a child. Let's take mental health for example, I have learnt far more about the topic from mental health charities tweets & sufferers blog posts, than I was EVER taught in high school - case closed!

5. Permanent & indestructible memories: I saw Jemma from Dorkface tweet a similar thing on twitter the other day, and it really got me thinking! So in other words every tweet we've ever sent, every instagram picture we have filtered the heck out of, every blog post we've ever written, will be there for years and years to come and unless some massive cyber attack occurs or god forbid robots take over the world, they are indestructible and can never be destroyed. They will be there for decades and decades to come, how awesome is that?

There are a lot of negatives about social media, a lot of which are increasing, but sometimes it's easy to get lost in the cons and forget all the good that social media brings and today I thought I would honour that. I hope you enjoyed reading this post & continue to filter the heck out of those instagram selfies!

Do you agree with these benefits? Do you have any other benefits to add?

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