10 Home Truths About University Life

Monday, 10 August 2015

When I first started university, I was so excited for what was to come. You spend years watching TV shows, reading stories and hearing about what an amazing experience it is. In reality though it's not always all it's cracked up to be. When you've got a 2,000 word essay due in 2 day and you have to spend the night sleeping on the library floor and brushing your teeth in the toilets, it can get kind of sucky! So here are 10 home truths about university, that  I have learnt from my time at university. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: These are not applicable to everyone at every university, just some of the things I have learnt over the years.

1. Cliques STILL exist - 
Now I don't know if this was mainly just say my university, but everybody had formed groups by the second day of induction! I was so surprised I thought that this was the time for everyone to mix and mingle with different people. But no groups were formed and that was the way they were going to stay!

2. You will not meet your life partner here - 
I'm not going to lie to you guys, I was kind of hoping to meet the guy of my dreams here, naive as it may be, I was hopeful! But no, that was another ship that set sail, and myself and my future husband were not on it!

3. It is bloody difficult to get a first - 
It's not impossible, but you have to work your arse off! Don't be discouraged though if you work hard you can achieve whatever you want, but just be prepared to put in those extra hours! 

4. It is not easier than 'A' levels - to all my sixth form teachers who told me to just get through 'a' levels because nothing would never be as hard, not even uni - you were WRONG! 'A' levels were hard, but uni is harder and anybody who tells you otherwise is lying!  

5. Third year really is the hardest - 
This was the year I went out the least, the year I moved back home, and the year I had to resign from my part time job of 4 years because it was just all too much! But if you've made it this far, you can get through the year!

6. Your dissertation will be the death of you - 
Literally - so many people became physically and emotionally unwell during the final days of the dissertation. A dissertation is a test of character, strength, and faith. You will learn so much about yourself, who you are and what you stand for when doing your dissertation. Sleepless nights, angry outbursts and total despair are all normal symptoms of a thing I like to call dissertation syndrome! 

7. Exams still suck - 
They don't get any better I'm afraid. I guess the only plus side now is that unlike in school, you can actually get up and leave once you've finished your paper, rather than waiting until everybody else has finished theirs!

8. You will never have enough money ...EVER
Period. You will be forever living off of ramen noodles for breakfast and cereal for dinner! 

9. Lecturers will try it on with you - 
Beware of the over - friendly lecturer...beware.

10. You will find yourself - 
And last but not least you will find out who you are. Uni teaches you so many things about yourself, your likes, dislikes, tolerances and loves. While at university I really did start to find myself. I always thought I knew myself, but uni is where I discovered my love for music, where I really came into my own with fashion and when I really learnt who I was.

And that's it guys, I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and maybe have found some things on the list which you have learnt from university yourself! 

Did you like this post? What are some of your university home truths?

Scribbling Away Xx 

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  1. I'm starting university in September so this was a really good post. I'm excited and now I feel a little more prepared

    1. Aww yay thank you, so glad you found it helpful! And congrats on getting into uni, I hope you enjoy it! :D

      Heather Xx

  2. This is so true! I will be writing an article about the things that affect your exams and such - especially as so many students suffered with bad grades this year. xx

    Tammy-Louise Wilkins

    1. Thank you for commenting Tammy! And ooh that sounds interesting, I was so surprised at the grades drop this year! I'll be looking out for your article!

      Heather Xx

  3. Yeap, totally agree with every single one of your posts! University wasn't as easy as people make out but now that I'm in the working world I do miss the "no motive" days!

    Aarti | www.aartificial.com

    1. Thank you Aarti, I'm so glad you agree! And haha yes tell me about it, I miss them too! :)

      Heather Xx


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