Joe Browns SS15 Sale Wishlist

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Hey guys, hope you are all well! Today I have put together a little Wishlist from Joe Brown's. I love Joe Brown's, I remember looking at their clothes in the catalogues when I was a ye old youngster (which wasn't that long ago-contraire to my looks!) and just thinking that they had some serious flower power going on! When people talk about fashion labels being known for a 'thing' Joe Brown's has a 'thing' they have got the 60's/70's style down and this theme is present across their entire line of clothing, and their SS15 line is no different! So today I have put together a little Wishlist of all the sale items for the SS15 line, which I would just LOVE to have in my hands this month!

Starting from the top left, going clockwise:
1. Ruffle Rose Print Tunic Blue was £39.95 now £27.95 - This tunic is so pretty! It's is in such a beautiful pastel-y blue shade which is perfect for summer! The floral patterns on it are very soft and not too overpowering which is great for someone like me who doesn't love patterns that are too overpowering.
2. Brace Yourself Jeans was £49.95 now £24.95 - These jeans are perhaps my most favourite thing from the Wishlist. Now if you know me, then you will probably know just how much I love any kind of clothing that contains a brace and I will commonly use them in place of a belt on trousers and skirts. I love the combination of the brown brace against the light denim and it certainly gives off a rustic, farmer girl chic vibe. They would look perfect paired with the suede boots (3) and a slouchy white tee tucked in.
3. Real Suede Western Boots Tan was £54.95 now £34.95 -  Ahh another favourite of mine from the list. I am really loving suede for the summer and these boots are no exception. With a cool cowboy edge, and a lovley tan colour, these boots will go perfect with denim shorts this summer!
4. Travellers Jacket Khaki was £74.95 now £44.95 - Ok so I know it's no longer winter, and the days are starting to actually feel like summer - FINALLY! But I had to include this jacket on the list, it's so damn pretty, and the moment I saw it I thought it would be a perfect item for the summer festivals. I love the patterned detailing on the pockets and shoulders, it's add that Joe Brown touch to what could initially seem quite a conventional style jacket.
5. Summertime Rope Bag Daisy was £19.95 now £12.95 - And last but not least I HAD to include at least one bag from Joe Brown's collection as they had so many good ones, it was so hard for me to pick just one! This was only ONE of my favourites, but I love the flower pattern (I love a good daisy!).The rope strap detail adds that extra boho-chic vibe that I love! It's such an affordable price and worn with the right outfit, this backpack will definitely turn heads! :)

And there we have it guys, a lovely little Wishlist for you with some lovely pieces from Joe Brown's. Do check them out, especially if you're looking for some 70's inspo, this season, they are the place to go! Hope you enjoyed the post!

What is your favourite piece? Have you ever heard/bought from Joe Brown's before?


  1. Love those booties and the backpack, I'm sure they look great together!
    The Color Palette

    1. Yes they would look so good together! Thank you for commenting! :)

      Heather Xx


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