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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Hey guys, hope you're all well! I am literally so excited right now, I can't contain my excitement. So I'm sure if you all follow me on twitter (and if you don't what are you even doing with your life - I mean seriously come on! - Follow me here) then you would have seen my tweets about the...*drum roll* newest collaboration with Balmain and H&M ahhh! When I heard about this I was ectastic and jumping around for joy. I love Balmain, their edgy, yet sexy clothing has always been a favourite of mine and since the new creative direction from Olivier Rousteing (and those perfectly chiselled cheekbones), I am forever wishing I had enough money to buy everything they produce! If history is anything to go by with H&M's previous collaboration with Alexander Wang which was awesome, then the Balmain collab is going to be above and beyond and oh so fierce! I genuinly can't wait, Balmain is fast becoming one of my favourite high fashion design houses. So while we painfully wait until November for the release I have decided to share with you some of my favourite Balmain pieces from some of the most recent collections. So let us revel together in the beauty and design excellence that is Balmain (Man, I feel like I've said 'Balmain' a million times already! Excuse my mini obsession guys.)
Sources taken from the Balmain lookbook here:
The coming fall collection is absolutely gorgeous! I feel like it's so much more lavish, glamorous and womanly than other collections. The pop of colour paired with the ruffed detail in look 1, and the fluffy , military style fur coat is going to make for one heck of a collection come fall! (Psht fall? Look at me talking all American, I mean Autumn - for us Brit folks over here!)
Now the resort collection 2015 which is the collection now in season is so amazing! The structured, linear patterned dresses and skirts are so gorgeous. These two pieces are my favourites as the colours are simple and neutral, just how I like it! The bodycon fit makes it easier to show off all that lovely detailing and of course your gorgeous curves. Check out some of this collection on, the skirt (4) is absolutely stunning!
Now I have to say that this has been my ultimate favourite collection from Balmain in the last few years! I remember seeing khaki everywhere last autumn and Balmain has used the colour to perfection. The structuring of these pieces have also probably been one of the best I have seen on their clothes in a while, I mean will you just look at that skirt! Look how thick the pleats are, they are just ahh - perfection - I WANT and NEED that skirt in my life! That is what a pleated skirt should look like. And let's not get started on the embellishments on the middle dress (6) the beading is awesome! Pre-fall 14 just breathes military chic and is the definition of Balmain's Army.
So calming it down a bit from pre-fall 14, this collection is probably the most commercial and casual looking. I love the different styles that were used in this collection, it seemed a lot more casual with jumpsuits and skater skirts alike. The denim jumpsuit (9) has got to be my all time fave!
Ok so this season was all about bringing back 90's glam with high waists, tapered trousers and metallic colours and it is fabulous! Now do you see why I am so in love with Balmain? Their designs are so innovative and interesting but also so wearable at the same time, I literally could and would wear all of the items I have listed in this post.
This season was the time for geometric shapes and patterns and Balmain did this so well! Pair this with the biggest trend of that year - monochrome and you've got one super fierce collection. My favourite has got to be the skater style dress, I love the pop of colour to the monochrome theme and the geometric shapes makes the dress appear like something that could be found in Alice in Wonderland (a much more chic version!).
And that's the end sadly folks! I know, I know, you want more Balmain. Don't worry the collection with H&M will be launching November 5th and it is going to be amazing! Expect structured dresses, ruffles and a whole lot of lavish embellishment! In the mean time you can catch more of the designs on their website at

Do you like Balmain? Are you looking forward to their collaboration with H&M?
As always thank you for reading lovelies. Until next time I'm...

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  1. Ahh I LOVED resort 13. Such gorgeous colours and lines and I really really really really really want(ed) that dress. And the blazer/playsuit combo in look 14 of that season was to DIE for. I am so excited for this new colllaboration with h&m it's actually unreal!

    Fii || little miss fii

    1. Ahhh yes same Resort 13 is defo my favourite after Pre-Fall 14! That dress is magical, I wish I could have it aswell! Same, November can't come soon enough! :)

      Heather Xx

  2. Balmain isn't a designer I've heard of before but I'm loving the dress at number 12. Looks like an awesome collection!! Gisforgingers xx

    1. Yes that dress is my fave, wish I could buy it! :) Thank you for commenting!

      Heather Xx


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