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Monday, 27 April 2015

Walking through an Alley

So yesterday I was reading through Victoria from IntheFrow.com latest post, you can find it here. She was talking all about these passions that she had as a young girl, that she stopped pursuing, but is now restarting them all again! This post touched me in two ways 1. It touched home about all the creative things I used to really love, but stopped doing and 2. That blogging is probably one of the best things that I have done in a long time!
I was never an overtly confident and self-assured kid, I lacked self love and had low self- esteem, but I faked it (faked it until I made it as people say). I would put on a smile and hide the pain. It's what you do when you're from the Chambers family, you trundle on, it's just our way of living! I never knew that the arts would touch my soul in the way that they did! I always loved acting from a young age, it gave me a form of escape from all of my insecurities of life. It allowed me to take on other roles, be someone who I always wanted to be. Through Drama I was able to be whoever I wanted and the stage felt like home, through acting I was free! I continued it right through GCSE's and A levels, and it acted as a sort of therapy when I was not feeling so great. I loved it! However I never quite knew how much of a significance it had on my life, until I went to University and I wasn't acting! I craved it. University wasn't the rainbow filled becoming-of-age experience I thought it would be and things began to go downhill! It was then that I missed acting more than ever. I missed the way I could lose myself in a character and a story! It's not like I didn't have a chance to do it again though, I could've joined the drama society at university, they put on productions every year, but I didn't, I came up with excuses every year why I couldn't join the society, but that's all they were - excuses! I missed my Drama and Drama missed me. I started to believe that it was over and I would never return to acting again. But reading Victoria's post made me realise that I can, and I'm the only person in the way. There are so many acting classes and groups out there so I have decided that in the Summer I am going to join one, I am going to get my passion back!

So now let me tell you why I will never stop Fashion blogging.

Another passion of mine is Fashion! As cliché as it sounds - yes - I do have a passion for fashion (Oooh Rhyme! So cheesy!). I became entranced with fashion design in High School, and did pretty well with it. I was actually considering pursuing a career in it, but I didn't. I mean it's not that I'm not happy with choosing my Psychology career, but I always used to wish that I could've continued fashion in some way, on the side or something. Because like acting, fashion gave me a voice, it made me feel like I mattered, I was able to express myself through clothes and in fashion things were different, people were different, the clothes were different and that captured my heart. When I started this blog, I didn't really know what direction it was going to go in, but when I started doing outfit posts and more fashion - related stuff, the passion in me was reignited and I knew what I would be blogging about - and it was going to be Fashion (with some lifestyle thrown in as well of course!). I am happy that with this blog I am able to continue my love of fashion and clothes and all things that express who I am! This makes me happy, happy that the creativity is still able to live on within me and within others even though I am pursuing a career in a completely different field! And this is why I will never stop blogging about Fashion, I will never give up my passion again, I love it too much to let it go. I will try with the acting, and maybe that won't work out, or I won't keep it up, but I now know that blogging will always remain. My blog will always be here and as long as I have health I will continue to share my fashion and style with the world. That is all.

Have your read Victoria's post? Have you given up any passions? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear about your passions as well!

As always thank you for reading lovelies! Until next time I'm...

Scribbling Away Xx 

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  1. Great post! I completely agree that it's so important to pursue your passions. I used to love dancing when I was younger but I gave it up halfway through my teens - it's definitely something I'd like to get back to one day :-)

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! oh wow that's cool! Yeah hopefully you can start it up again, in the near future! ;)

      Heather Xx


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