Time to Talk Day: Let's take 5

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Nobody deserves mental health problems. Nobody deserves to be dragged down into a deep and dark pit. But above all nobody deserves to be punished verbally and emotionally for something they have no control over. It's not fair that each and every day people with mental health are made to feel embarrassed and lonely. Tell me this, how would you feel if you were experiencing something scary like a hallucination and were terrified to speak to someone about it, because you're worried of what people will say about you. I'm sure you would feel pretty damn shit and lonelier than ever! Well this is an everyday occurrence for people suffering from ill mental health. 

There is this belief and idea that mental health is something to be ashamed of, it's not! The people who constantly taunt and tease people about it are the ones who should be ashamed! For any of you reading this, who may be suffering from mental health, please don't be afraid, your mental health is nothing to be ashamed of. Talk to someone about what you may be feeling, believe me it will help! For those of you who are reading this who have in the past or still are in the present discriminating against those with mental health problems. It's ok if you did it unintentionally and were unaware of the way it can affect the sufferer, but I ask you now, now that you know the effects, please try to be that little bit kinder and more understanding to people with mental health problems. After all isn't that what you would want if you were ever to be in their position 10 years down the line! You see the thing about mental health is that it doesn't discriminate, it can happen to any one person at any one time, no one is ever immune. So if mental health doesn't discriminate, why should we? It's TimetoTalk guys, let's change our act to help give back the strength to those who have lost it from our own ignorant actions! It's TimetoChange.
It's TimetoTalk day today! In order to create awareness of mental health stigmas the charity TimetoChange have organised a national campaign known as Let's take 5. The idea is that you take 5 minutes out of your day to have a conversation with someone about mental health, and then log it into the TimetoTalk day counter. Mental health is a topic which is very close to my heart and anyone who knows me knows the passion I expel when I talk about it. I really want the stigmas to end, so please today guys Let's take 5!
Head over to the Time to Change website for more info! Oh and don't forget to sign their pledge!
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    1. Thank you! I'm glad it was! :)

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