Just Another Manic Monday: Top 6 Christmas Movies

Monday, 22 December 2014

Hello all again, here's some Manic Monday joy! As you are aware we are now well and truly in the full swing of festive cheer. Trees are being lit up and presents are being bought. Christmas is now upon us! (eeks so excited). Now of course there's the trees and the lights and the decorations but no Christmas is complete without a good old Christmas movie! So grab a cup of Hot Chocolate, slip into your PJ's and pop in a DVD of one of my top 6 Christmas movies!

1. A Christmas Carol: The musical - I love all movies chronicling old grumpy pot Scrooge! But any one who knows me knows how much I love musicals and the TV show Frasier and this cheerful version combines both my loves. Bliss!

2. The Santa Clause - Ahh The Santa Clause, this had to come second. It's the movie that fuelled my belief in Santa Clause and one of the reasons I have never stopped believing in the magic of Christmas. At one point I even began to believe that my own dad must have become Santa too! (until this day I still like to think he is!)

3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Can I just say how scary the Grinch and the people of Whosville is for a 7 year old kid. Man I had nightmares about this movie for years after watching it, the Grinch certainly stole my Christmas at 7 years old! But after years of fear I came to appreciate the movie's message of togetherness at Christmas time and that everyone (even the Grinch) can learn to love Christmas!

4. Love Actually - Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. I mean really there isn't really much more to be said here! (cue the girlish giggling!)

5. The Snowman - We're flying in the air! *sings in a ridiculously bad falsetto voice* The snowman was probably one of the first Christmas movies I remember watching as a child, I was obsessed. I remember the night before Christmas I would read the storybook and watch the film in the hope that it would snow, so that I could make a snowman that would come to life. The Snowman is the ultimate Christmas movie. It is iconic and heart-warming,  when this movie comes on, you can be sure it's Christmas time!

6. In Bruges - I first watched this dark film after trying this new thing of watching all the movies the Harry Potter actors have been in apart from HP. It was an attempt to broaden my horizons and be a little bit less obsessed with HP. But it didn't really work because this was probably the only one I watched! Anyway the combination of a sinister tale, black comedy and the magic of Christmas surely makes a clever and classic Christmas movie. Definitely not one to be missed!

Don't you just love Christmas? It's the only time of the year when it's acceptable to sit around and watch movies all day!

Christmas Wishes everyone! Xx

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