5 Ways to Survive the Office Christmas Party

Sunday, 21 December 2014

There are numerous things which spring to mind when I hear the words Work, Christmas and Party in the same sentence. The first is usually complete, sheer and utter embarrassment for my foolish actions at my first ever Christmas Party, second is more shame and embarrassment for being the talk of the workplace for the whole year after that party and the whole year after that! and third is having wished I was armed with work party etiquette tips for my first one (in my defence I was a mere na├»ve teenager back then!). I'm so much more mature now (Pfft...that's actually not true!). So as we approach Christmas and my own party next week, here's some tips
which I will be sticking to and to help you survive your own Office Christmas Party. Enjoy!

    1. I think the most obvious and self-explanatory one is - DON'T get drunk!: I cannot stress this enough. Sure it's fine to have a few drinks, I mean it is a party and drinking is usually part of the agenda but don't drink so much that you can't tell the dancefloor from the toilet! Believe me it happens every year, there's always one who ends up the drunkest and there's always one who is the talk of the office the next day! (and for the whole 365 days after that!)

   2. Do NOT by any means hook up with someone - it is FORBIDDEN. So you've had a few tequila shots and that never-before-seen guy from the IT department is starting to look a lot like Brad Pitt. I'm sure you are amazed at the once in a life time chance of having Brad Pitt at your Christmas party, but do NOT by any means hook up with him. The pain will hit tomorrow. The shame will hit tomorrow. The regret will hit tomorrow. Trust me you didn't know who he was before for a reason!

   3. DO Mingle and Socialise.This party is your chance to meet all the people you don't know from the office. So have a cocktail with Sally no-name, talk arts and culture with John from design and get to know your colleagues, you never know you might make a friend or two.

   4. but DON'T suck up! - Yes all is fair in socialising and being friendly, but buddying up with your boss or senior colleagues with the hope of a promotion is just plain silly. Looking to impress the boss? Prove to them that you know how to have a good time without going AWOL! Actions do actually speak louder than words guys.

   5. and finally have FUN! I mean it is a party after all, you can let loose a little, but just know the line between letting loose just a tiny bit and ending the night with your bra on your head and belting out 'Santa Baby' on top of a bar table! (Yes it actually happens!)

And there you have it guys! My 5 tips to surviving the Office Christmas party, armed with these I'm sure you'll have a fun, drama-free night, just remember whatever you do, try not to end up like this!...

    Have you guys got any tips for Christmas parties? Perhaps you a have a funny story to share. Let me know in the comments below. Happy Holidays and stay safe! :)

    Scribbling Away Xx


  1. Really great tips!


  2. This post made me laugh because it is SO true! Thanks for the good read :)



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