#TimetoTalk, Time to Change: Today it's Time to Talk

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Many people who are suffering from mental health, suffer in silence. They believe that by keeping quiet people will never know about the symptoms that they are experiencing and in turn this will save them from being stereotyped against. Suffering in silence is one of the biggest mistakes
that could be made by the sufferer but an even bigger mistake to be made is by those around who sometimes will sense a difference/change in their personality but let it go unnoticed and refuse to bring up the issue, I've been guilty of doing this, as have so many other people. Perhaps the reason why we let it go unnoticed is because we are just as scared as the sufferer of the consequences that will come from it. But the truth is, by doing this we are not protecting anyone, in fact we are actually making the situation worse.
What does it matter if the person who used to be extroverted and outgoing is now withdrawn and introverted? Who cares if they spend 20 hours of the day locked in a room, when they were once active, hard-working people. What does it matter if they have cut themselves off from all forms of communication with the outside world? I mean it's still ok right, they're probably just going through a phase. Or maybe they're not! Maybe they're going through the first onsets of a mental health issue and are too scared, worried or embarrassed to talk to someone about it. That's ok, but now it's your turn to step up. It's time to talk. It doesn't matter how small the conversation is or when you say it. Just a simple how are you doing today or how was your day at work? is enough. It's enough to let them know that you care. It's enough to let them know that you will be there to support them through whatever it is they are experiencing and it is enough to let them know that they don't have to be silent anymore. So I am asking all of you today who are reading this to approach a person you know who you think may or may not be dealing with a mental health issue and ask them how their day was, because talking can help save someone's life! It's time for a change. Today it's #TimetoTalk!
For more information on mental health, please have a look at the links below:

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