#TimetoTalk, Time to Change: Mental health lives within us

Monday, 6 October 2014

As I mentioned last week, this Friday is World Mental Health day and in order to create more awareness about mental health and educate those who are unsure about what is involved in mental health I will be posting a series of posts all leading up to Friday. The posts will be strictly centered and focused on the topic of mental health. So to start it off, I've got a statement for you:

'Mental health symptoms are really only more prominent and persistent symptoms of characteristics we all possess'

This statement was taken from my clinical psychology textbook and it highlights the fact that we are all susceptible to mental health. Some people believe that only certain types of people can develop ill mental health or go 'mad' as people like to put it. It is true that some are more susceptible to display mental health characteristics more than others due to genetics or traumatic experiences, but it is also true that every single one of us is susceptible to developing a mental illness, the symptoms live within us, but what makes us different is the life experiences that we have that will determine whether or not that symptom is heightened or prolonged more than others. The common thing to believe is that people who are in a stable job, stable relationship, living a cushy lifestyle and having a nice family means that a person will never develop or experience ill mental health, but in reality nobody is safe from it and it can happen to anyone at anytime. What is important is treating it and not worrying about how and why people have it. Please open up your eyes, heart and mind to mental health, because it lives within all of us and you never know when your day to hear a voice might come. IT'S TIME TO CHANGE!

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