#TimetoTalk, Time to Change: Demonology

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

There have been many different ways in which people have tried to explain mental health and it's causes over the course of history, have a read of these and educate yourself:

Demonology - The belief that those exhibiting symptoms of psychopathology are possessed by bad spirits.

In ancient cities and cultures demonology was one of the most popular explanations for those suffering from extreme psychological difficulties and distressing problems. What is even more shocking is the "treatment" methods used for the sufferers. They believed that the bad spirits had to be driven out by methods such as tying them up by chains, starvation and flogging.Demonology ladies and gents at it's finest!I wouldn't even call these treatment methods, more so torturous crimes, crimes that would win you a prison sentence in modern day. It is still a very common explanation for mental health today but only in under-developed areas of the world, more so cultures where witchcraft and voodoo is practised.
Contrastingly in England during the middle ages, those who were thought to have mental health symptoms would stand in a lunacy trial in which their sanity was assessed and if it was found that they were insane, they would be protected by the law, as opposed to being punished.
We should be grateful and thankful for the fact that in present day if we are found to have a mental health issue we do not have to be subjected to such treacherous acts and are able to get the right treatment and rehabilitation. However the stereotypes and stigmas attached to mental health can be just as bad as demonology for the victims on the receiving end and those of you who are dishing out the stereotypes and believing the stigmas are just as bad as those who dished out the horrific crimes. It's time to open your eyes. It's #TimetoTalk, It's #TimetoChange!

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