#Bendgate:The new iPhones can bend?

Thursday, 2 October 2014

If it wasn't bad enough for apple that they created the biggest, most monstrous brick/iPhone to date. To top it all off, another design flaw, the popular phone now bends? I mean seriously are you kidding me? It bends! Combine that with the whole heap of naked celebrity photo's stolen and leaked saga and the poor design of their two new phones, Apple really is beginning to piss me off more and more. I am fast beginning to think that going with a Samsung for my next upgrade won't be a bad idea. Oh deary me Apple, not quite sure whether the iPhone bending situation is a mere fluke of bad luck for the small minority of people who have spoken out about the issue or whether it is an actual genuine issue, but either way, the things I'm hearing about Apple are literally going from bad to worse. I think I hear Samsung calling my name!

Want more information on the bending iPhone saga click the links and have a read of some very conflicting views:

iPhone Parody #Bendgate

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