Will you take a chance?

Monday, 1 September 2014

To take a chance or not to take a chance? Sometimes the best experiences and memories in life are created by taking a chance. I know more than most the regret that comes with not doing what the heart desires. To buy that cute dress that costs more than your weekly wage, to ask the cute guy on the train if he would like to go out sometime, to tell someone you love them even though you’re pretty sure the feeling isn’t mutual. To pack up and move away from home, from your family and the ones who love you the most to a whole different town and start anew. All of these are chances I’ve taken in my life. Scary as it seems at first, it’s not as half scary as the regretful feeling you feel when you don’t take the chance. I learnt this a long time ago and since then I have tried to live my life taking chances, not silly stupid chances but smart ones. Chances that will benefit me and the people around me. Chances I know I will love. Taking a chance so I won’t hold regrets! Well the chance I took last year of moving out of my family home was probably one of the best and worst choices I have ever made in my entire life, I learnt an awful lot and I definitely do not regret taking the chance, but more about that later.

However right now guys one of the most recent chances which I have decided to take is starting this blog. I have put it off for months and months now and have finally mustered up enough courage to write my first post, although it may just be a welcome post, it has still taken a lot of fight for me to get to this position and I am increasingly proud of myself. If any of you reading this have ever felt the need and want to do something but just didn’t believe in yourself enough, or thought that people would laugh at you or are scared of being rejected or whatever reason it may be, I encourage you to take the chance today and do something you have been wanting to do for a while but have been putting it off due to insecurities. It can be as small as changing what dish you order on the Chinese menu or as big as moving to another country, whatever it may be, please have a think about taking the leap and doing it. Oh and one last thing, welcome to my blog, how do you do?
Scribbling away xx

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