Time to Talk, Time to Change!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

World Mental Health Day 2014, will be taking place next week (10/10/2014) and it's time to get your mental health on people! Mental health is an issue which I hold very dear to my heart, I myself have experienced mental health and also have known other people who have experienced mental health and the most reoccurring theme with this is that people do not talk about it enough because of the negative stereotypes attached to it. For many people mental health is an issue that they want to push to one side, or sweep under the carpet in fear of being chastised or stereotyped. But for me Mental Health is a serious issue, which is fast on the increase and it will only continue to get worse unless we decide to take a stand and make a change. It is time to change. Many people experiencing signs of mental health for the first time will not talk about it with other people, nor will they even acknowledge that they may have a problem. But that has to stop. It is time to talk! We need to speak up and we need to be brave because that's what's going to save us and help us. It's #TimetoTalk, It's #TimetoChange!

For more information on World Mental Health Day 2014, and ways to get involved, visit the time to change website and make a change! http://www.time-to-change.org.uk/

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