Low and Behold another "new" Iphone

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Ugh Groann. So Apple has released yet another "new" design of the IPhone, which is supposed to be bigger, better and faster than it's predecessors. Well it is definitely bigger that's for sure and when I say bigger I mean BIGGG! I mean when I saw this picture comparison posted  by the Huffington post I was amazed at the size difference.

Now I'm someone who has always loved the compactness and smartness of an Apple iPhone, and the small, neat and clean design was one of the reasons why I have always chosen these phones above the Samsung range. But with these new designs becoming larger in size and looking  a lot more like some kind of mini tablet, I just don't see the uniqueness of the Apple brand anymore. I mean yes sure one must keep upgrading and changing features of a phone brand to keep it selling, but in all honesty I don't necessarily want to pay £500-600 for an iPhone when I can pay a lot less for a Samsung galaxy phone which will be similar in size but considerably cheaper. I don't know, I mean I'm no phone designing expert but do you think I'm wrong in saying that Apple need to go back to the drawing board and rethink something that is a bit more innovative than just increasing the screen size and upping the processor?

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