Just another Manic Monday

Monday, 8 September 2014

It's Monday! Which means the hills are alive with the sound of crying Monday blues. I think we all know that feeling that comes on a Monday morning around 7/8 o'clock when the alarm starts ringing, you hit snooze, cover the duvet over your head and cry because you know that the fun weekend is over and the boring, working week is about to begin all over again, Sigh! Why must we humans have to do boring things? Like work for a living and take the children to school. I don't know to be honest, but not all bad things come from Monday, for example tonight brings plenty of entertainment on the Television including all new ANTM cycle 21 AND some of the contestants will be getting the chop in the annual makeover episode. Ooh I can't wait(snip snip snip)! It also means that there is only 4 more days until a fun filled Friday again! So hang in there folks it's just another Manic Monday and it's nearly over.
How has your Monday been so far? Are any of you looking forward to the all new ANTM episode tonight?

Scribbling Away xx

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