Just Another Manic Monday: Gynaecology is back and it smells a lot like a Castellano and a Lahiri

Monday, 15 September 2014

What do we want? New season of the Mindy project! When do we want it? NOW! I'm sure you are all very well aware of the fact that the Mindy Project returns for all new Season 3 tomorrow night!! And if you don't know you should be ashamed and go crawl
under a rock somewhere and hide (haha just kidding...or am I?).I am oh so excited for the return of our favourite witty and somewhat frequent blonde bimboesque doctor. But I am even more excited to see the continuation of Dandy (see what I did there, huh? huh? Danny and Mindy combined, like Brad + Angelina = Brangelina, and if you didn't get that then yes you should definitely go and crawl under a rock!) and the blossoming of their beautiful love. Mindy is now dating a Castellano man and that will come with it's troubles, she is no longer in the safe hands of Pastor/rapper Casey or lawyer Cliff. She now has lady parts(gynaecologist) man Castellano who has crazy *whispers* commitment issues and an inability to stop acting like a grumpy old man. There I said it! I'm sorry not sorry Danny! I am intrigued to see how their love plays out this season. Will Danny ever get over what Christina did to him and will Mindy ever really get over the fact that one of her boobs is 'crazily bigger than the other'. And for all of you Monday haters out there who are suffering from the Monday blues just like me, hang in there because it's just another Manic Monday and it's nearly over, better things are coming tomorrow...or better Television rather!!  

Below are some pictures taken from Mindy Kaling's instagram giving us a sneak peak of what you can expect on the all new Mindy season!

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