Just Another Manic Monday: Aviators and a hint of fresh Autumn Sunshine

Monday, 22 September 2014

Hi all, I hope you have had a glorious weekend, I know I certainly have. Friday was a wonderful day filled with glorious sunshine and good vibes spent with some of my nearest and dearest and now we have rolled right back into Monday again with the start of the working week. The combination of weather and good vibes that I got from celebrating on Friday sparked a few feelings of gratefulness for all the wonderful things I have in life. Somewhere in between turning it up in the club with my friends and stuffing my face with a big mac on the way home from the club, I had a dissociative moment when I realised that amongst all the chaos in the world today, what with diseases, political conflict and just general immorality, there is just so much beauty that I have to be thankful and grateful for.

At times us folks over in the western part of the world tend to forget just how lucky we actually are, I mean we shout and scream at our parents because they tell us to do things (oh god forbid we have to wash the dishes again! It's not like people in Africa don't have to carry buckets of water for miles and miles), cry and moan about not having the latest car, phone, designer shoe or whatever really (oh dear lord, I guess just having something to drive in and clothes to wear just aren't enough are they?). I mean really how many of us can honestly say we have sat down and said oh yes I am so grateful for my Mother yelling at me to clean the house or say my car may be about 10 years old but at least I still have something to drive. Not many of us, and not enough! In the world we live in today that is struck by so much heartache and hardship it is important that we take some time to think about what we are actually grateful for and that others may not have. I will admit I tend to take things for granted myself, but I will try to make sure that I start to appreciate what I have in life a lot more frequently.

Here are my list of things I am grateful for today, in order of highest importance first:

  1. Life: First and foremost I am grateful to be alive! As cliché as this one may be, it is so important to me. I have seen so many people lose their lives at such a young age, especially those who I thought to be invincible, but amongst all the death, here I stand, full of life and in good health and I am grateful to be here, experiencing all that life has to offer!
  2. My Mother and Father nagging me to wash the dishes and get off my laptop! As annoying as it is at the time. I am grateful that I am blessed to not have one but both parents nagging me to do things. So many children are growing up with either one or no parents at all. Despite the nagging and shouting I will always be grateful for the parents that I have been blessed with and all the love and knowledge they have blessed me with, I mean without them how would I even know what it means to run up the stairs and slam the door in frustration as a stroppy teenager!
  3. Friends: I am ever so lucky to have been blessed with the friends that I have in my life. Ever since I could remember all the friends that I have ever had, have always been one of my biggest motivations to go to school. Even now while my friends and I attend different universities they are still helping me to learn and grow as a person and I love having them in my life(oh and they also come in handy when you need someone to pat your hair and drag you out of bed after a bad break-up)
  4. Autumn sunshine: The summer months are well and truly over and September means the return of School, College or University. I am grateful that even though we are just approaching autumn there is still some autumn sunshine shining through. The fact that the sun is out makes it so much easier to get out of bed in the morning.
  5. Fashion: Keeping with the theme of sunshine, with sunny days it means that our summer fashion can continue and that means, shorts, vests and aviators rather than frumpy sweaters and itchy tights!
Tell me guys, what are you grateful for? I am Really grateful for my new aviators right now!

Scribbling Away Xx

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