Fun Friday: 5 Ways to get ready for a night out... leaving on time...and not pissing off your friends

Friday, 19 September 2014

Oh dear what a week it has been, a week of hormonal weather and long work days, but the struggle is now over my lovelies! You have survived the week and it is now time for another Fun Friday! This time I'll be spending my Fun Friday with a bunch of my nearest and dearest to celebrate my best friend's 21st birthday! Bringing her 9 years closer to *gasp* 30! Anyway guys like most of you out there punctuality and I are not good friends, it's something I have been trying to work on for the past year and have made some really good improvements, but sadly I still do have a longgg way to go! So in true form I am creating this post a few hours before I get ready for my night for all you late comers to give you advice on how to get ready quicker and earlier when about to go out for a fun Friday.

1. Have an outfit ready hours before or even days before the proposed leaving time. Plan your outfit in advance and make sure you're happy with it, because I know that there's nothing worse than having to find an outfit to wear after coming in from a long day at work with a mind that is groggy and on edge from sipping on 10 cups of coffee all day! So pick an outfit early and stick to it!

2.Make up at the ready. Make up should be applied after eating, cleaning etc. I mean this one goes without saying, no person wants to have a flawless face of make up ruined by horrible, red pasta sauce or a big, juicy burger.

3.Tie up all loose ends at least one hour or a day before. Make sure that all creatures (I mean children) are locked away (arranged to be taken care of) by a nanny/family member or a sibling. Always make sure that the cat has been fed, no one wants to come home at 2am in the morning to a cat ravaged house!

4.Repress all stressful thoughts. It is imperative that you do this. I can't tell you how many times I could've been on time but ended up being late due to my overactive mind. If you're going out somewhere chances are there's nothing that can be done about the issue you are worrying about, it's out of your control so push it to one side until a time arises when you can deal with it. Snap out of it!

5. And lastly leave on time. One trick of the trade which I always play on myself and other punctuality-is-not-their-friend doers is to deduct at least half an hour from the supposed time you are supposed to leave. This way you'll want to leave earlier but will in fact leave at the time you were supposed to leave because of the time you added on made you get ready earlier and therefore leave earlier. Didn't understand what I just said? Me neither to be completely honest! In simple words just try to leave earlier.

I can't tell you how many nights could've been salvaged if I had just followed these 5 easy steps. And if you follow all these steps boys and girls, it is guaranteed that you will leave for your appointment to 'paint the town red' on time and not piss off any friends in the process for being late. Enjoy your Friday!

Scribbling away Xx

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