8 Tips on How to Survive a Night Out in London

Friday, 5 September 2014

As I mentioned in my previous post, last year I took a chance. I packed up all my bags and moved out of my home, away from family, friends and the most sacred life I have ever known to start afresh in a flat of my own. Now being a second year university student and being away from parents meant a whole load of partying! However I soon learnt that partying in London isn't always the most fun or safest place to be at night, my friends and I learnt the hard way, but for all of you partying virgins out there here's some tips to keep you safe and happy on a wild night out in London town.

1. Always Stick Together
I can't even begin to tell you the amount of times my friends and I have split up and been unable to find each other. Resulting in one or more of us spending the whole night walking around the club in 6 Inch Heels looking for them, while having the agony of hearing your favourite songs playing in the background, but unable to show off your killer dance moves, then finding your friend attached to the mouth of a lanky, gangly and creepy stranger. Do I hear stranger danger? Yes! Do I hear don't drink so much that you end up making out with a complete perv? Yes!
2. Leave on time
All Londoners are well aware of the dreaded underground system. If taking public transport, add an extra 10/15 minutes onto the proposed journey time to factor in for the unforeseen service delays and signal failures.

3.Get the Pre Party started EARLY 
Whether your pre party is being held at someone's house or in a bar, ensure that you start it at least 2 hours before you are ready to hit the club! This will ensure that you are able to drink a good amount of alcohol (cough, cough) I mean water! This will save you from spending 8 pounds on a cocktail. 8 pounds I hear you say, yes 8 pounds! London isn't cheap my friends. Instead you can use the saved money for a taxi home, rather than waiting an hour for the night bus!

4. Always carry a coat/jacket/blazer/cardigan
Basically anything that will keep you warm in the early hours of the morning, because that glorious sun you felt on your back at 8 in the evening WILL disappear once the clock strikes 2am, because in case you haven't realised English weather suffers from PMS!

 5. Keep outfits sexy and classy not
 Slutty and revealing 
Keeping with the theme of clothes it is advised that you shouldn't wear anything too risqué, meaning no skirts so short that they look like lingerie, a decent length is usually slightly up from the knee, and no see through tops. I know all too well the attention that comes from items like this, even if you think it accentuates all the "right" features, it does this for all the wrong reasons. Unless you're going out to get groped by a dozen, hairy and stinky men DON'T WEAR THEM!

 6.Watch your drink like a Hawk
This tip is a rather obvious one, however still so many people fail to do it! Why? I will never know, maybe they're too busy being the friend who is making out with a random stranger or the girl in the see through vest getting groped by men to realise, but watching your drink can save your life! It's far too easy for people to spike people's drinks in a club/bar usually taking only a few seconds glance away for the monster to strike. So please if going to the toilet take it with you, if turning around to look for your friend keep your drink with you in your hands at all times and don't accept drinks from people you don't know. Besides I can't think of anyone who would want to wake up in a hotel in Thailand with a Mark Tyson tattoo on their face!

 7.Don't forget your ID
This one goes without saying, always double check before you leave because if you look younger than your age like me the chances are you will get ID checked for just about anything! Oh and if you are actually underage don't bring a fake ID.

 8.Have Fun!
Last but not least, have fun! You're partying it up in this vibrant and awesome city, make it last and make it fun! By following all the steps above I can guarantee that you will have a drama free, worry free, injury free, fun - filled night! Oh and of course if you have bad eye sight like me, remember to wear your contact lenses so you can get a good look at all the hotties on your travels!

Scribbling away xx

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