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8 Ways to Not Give a Flying Fuck!

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Oh how fitting this blog post seems. Following on from my 'I'm Tired' post, which chronicled my hard-working, over-achieving, perfectionist ass-like ways. I really am keen to start caring less about trying to achieve more things and to just live. And in order to do that, I need to learn to not give as many fucks (excuse my language folks - but we're all adults here right?) about things as I used to.

You see, with the over achieving comes the caring - about EVERY-LITTLE-THING! All I used to think about was my career, being successful, making my parents proud, keeping up with my friends and trying my hardest not to fuck up! In the hope that everything would stay P-E-R-F-E-C-T and I would be the model human being that I craved so hard to be. But fast forward to present day, this very moment infact, and I am ready to start singing a new song. 

I don't want to constantly worry about how old I will be once I finish my clinical psychology training, nor should I worry about the fact that I will probably end up a spinster 20 years down the line, living in a one bedroom flat in Clerkenwell (beauty of a place and my dream 'settling down' location') with 20 cats (Is that really so bad anyway?). Today, right now, is the dawn of a new era for Heather. And it is called 'The era of not giving a flying fuck!' A-MEN! And I would love for you guys to have a read of the 8 ways that I intend to do that! read on for some 'no fucks given wisdom'

1. Fucking Laugh:
I have a love/hate relationship with laughter. I love to laugh, but sometimes people tell me that I laugh too much for my own good! How the hell can anyone ever laugh too much for their own good? When it's actually beneficial to them. Laughing has got me through some of the toughest times, it's how I stay strong, so from now on, no fucks will be given about laughing! I'll fucking laugh at a Ben Stiller movie and I'll fucking laugh when people say the word 'Willy'. I'm not immature, I just adore laughing and I adore life. End-of-fucking-story.

2. Fucking Cry:
You can't have laughter without tears, they go hand in hand! For so long I put up this tough exterior. I've always been the optimistic one, the one to hold everything together, when it seems like it's all falling apart and in being this person, I hid my feelings, I stopped myself from crying because I thought it made me weak. But no more, no fucking more! I will cry when my PMS is driving me crazy and I will cry when I break a bloody nail (cliche I know!) just let me fuckkking cry goddammit! 

3. Blog whatever the fuck you want: 
There's so much pressure nowadays to find yourself a blogging niche and stick to it. And while I do believe this can be beneficial in growing your audience and taking those crucial steps to becoming a full-time blogger, it's not THE be and fucking end all of your blogging life. Blog about fashion - if that's what you love, but don't be afraid to blog about love & sex and...sloths (if that's what tickles your fancy!) and everything else in between!

4. Live for your own fucking happiness and not the approval of others: 
For so long, I seeked the approval of so many people. My parents, my teachers, my co-workers, my cat(?) I seeked approval from every fucking person under the sun, apart from myself and I ended up sacrificing my own happiness because of it. From now on, those days are done! I will be seeking my own approval and I will live for my own fucking happiness - PERIOD!

5. Wear whatever the fuck you want:
I like to wear and style oversized men clothing sometimes. What's so wrong with that huh? Nothing, that's what! I stopped dressing for people a long time ago. Fashion is a way for people to express who they are, so why should we let others dictate how we express ourselves? We shouldn't! Guys, you wear your make -up and your heels, if it makes you feel good, why not? And Girls you wear those short skirts - If it gives you the confidence - go for it! 

6. Date whoever the fuck you want: 
This is the 21st fucking century! Who the hell cares whether the person is black, white, yellow or cerulean fucking blue. All I really care about is the connection that I have with the person and whether he shares my love for a certain Gryffindor wizard with round shaped spectacles! To hell with 'You need to date someone your own age' or 'You need to marry someone who's the same colour as you' I'm done with-it-ALL. No-fucks-given!

7. Fucking do you boo: 
Just do you boo. That is all.

8. Fuck the world: 
I'm so tired of society telling me to do this and telling me to do that. I'm tired of people assuming I'm a lesbian  just because I enjoy dressing androgynous. I'm tired of people saying that I need to stop swearing so much becuase it's unlady like! Who the hell are you to tell me that? Just let me live my fucking life and all you judgemental, conformists can live yours!

And that concludes today's lesson on how to not give a flying fuck guys HA! But in all honesty, I've had enough of living my life in such a controlled, conventional way. I cared too much about too many things and I kind of want to try to see what it's like to not care so much! It's time for me to not give a fuck! I do really hope you enjoyed reading this post and I would love to hear if you yourself have any tips on not giving a fuck! Please leave any suggestions in the comments below! As for now, I'll leave you with this candid photo of me most definitely NOT giving a fuck...#Nofucksgiven.

P.S. Apologies for the amount of times I have spewed the word 'Fuck' all over this page, I couldn't think of a better way to emphasise my feelings!

As always, thank you lovelies so much for reading! Until next time, I'm...

Scribbling Away Xx 

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I'm Tired...

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

I'm tired today. Just like I was tired yesterday and I'm sure I'll be tired tomorrow aswell. I'm just tired.

Do you ever just wonder what you're doing with your life and where it's going? Do you ever just feel like you're stuck in auto-pilot with no chance of switching off? Do you ever feel like you're searching for something, but you don't know what it is, but you're sure as heck, that - whatever it may be, holds the key to your happiness? Do you ever feel so tired that you just want to give up...on everything and everyone?

Boohoo Flares: Is It Too Late for the 70's?

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Asos rust shaggy gilet, boohoo fedora hat, boohoo glares, 70's style, 100 ways to 30
I've never been one to follow the "trends" as such. I mean yes I can jump on the bandwagon when a new style comes into play in the fashion world as much as the next blogger. But a lot of the time I tend to wear what suits my style and what really catches my eye.
Asos rust shaggy gilet, boohoo fedora hat, boohoo glares, 70's style, 100 ways to 30

Asos rust shaggy gilet, boohoo fedora hat, boohoo glares, 70's style, 100 ways to 30

The 70's trend that spread across the fashion world over the last two fashion seasons is slowly coming to an end as we make room for the 80's and 90's. And I never really got to experience the whole flares and floppy hats thing when it was in season. I mean I liked flared trousers, but I never really knew what to style them with, while keeping true to my edgy/androgynous style. Anyway, it's only now that I have started to follow suit and flare it up. And I couldn't have done it at a worse time, because nobody could give a damn about where I got my flared trousers from or what Beetles track I was dancing along to these days, they're probably a lot more interested in metallics and whatever new trend is bouncing about these days!

Asos rust shaggy gilet, boohoo fedora hat, boohoo glares, 70's style, 100 ways to 30
This particular shot is called 'Excuse me while I pull out my wedgie, while you still continue to take the photo, and I try to look cool af!'
Asos rust shaggy gilet, boohoo fedora hat, boohoo glares, 70's style, 100 ways to 30

I suppose the one good thing about falling in love with a trend that has passed it's sell by date, is that all the clothes in that style go on sale as they make way for the newest "trend"! It's pretty foolproof if you ask me, I might start doing this for all the latest fashion trends!

Asos rust shaggy gilet, boohoo fedora hat, boohoo glares, 70's style, 100 ways to 30

Asos rust shaggy gilet, boohoo fedora hat, boohoo glares, 70's style, 100 ways to 30

Today I went full on 70's hippy chick, flares and all, and I must say, I really am digging it! The flares are from Boohoo and believe it or not they were only £10 in the sale (See what I mean about waiting for them to go out of season, you get everything so much cheaper. Which is great, for tight/stingy people like me!) and they are the most flattering things I have ever worn. Oddly they make my legs look a million miles longer and my body a hell of a lot sexier and basically if Farrah Fawcett was alive today, she would eat her heart out!

Asos rust shaggy gilet, boohoo fedora hat, boohoo glares, 70's style, 100 ways to 30

Asos rust shaggy gilet, boohoo fedora hat, boohoo glares, 70's style, 100 ways to 30

Asos rust shaggy gilet, boohoo fedora hat, boohoo glares, 70's style, 100 ways to 30

Asos rust shaggy gilet, boohoo fedora hat, boohoo glares, 70's style, 100 ways to 30
Do you see what I mean about longer and sexier?
Paired with my trusty fedora, because I mean come on, it's the 70's for god's sake's, hats are a given! As are hamburgers...
Asos rust shaggy gilet, boohoo fedora hat, boohoo glares, 70's style, 100 ways to 30, gif
I decided to keep with a rusty/brownish/creamish colour scheme as I thought they all were very similar in shade and they complimented each other beautifully,

It took a lot for me to not go charging down the lane singing "Night fever, night fever" by the Bee Gee's! And while the 70's was not a trend that spoke to my own personal style, I found a way to make it work, in a way that didn't upset my bank account (because jeez he has been a right moody bum lately) and I suppose I kind of fell in love with the era. Hippies unite!

Asos rust shaggy gilet, boohoo fedora hat, boohoo glares, 70's style, 100 ways to 30

Asos rust shaggy gilet, boohoo fedora hat, boohoo glares, 70's style

Asos rust shaggy gilet, boohoo fedora hat, boohoo glares, 70's style

Get the Look:
 Cord Flared Trousers - Boohoo SALE, Rust coloured Gilet - Asos SALE, Cream shirt - Primark (similar here), HAT - Boohoo, PEACE SIGN NECKLACE - River Island, BOOTS - New Look
So now you've seen my 70's style, it's time to find out if you can be anymore 70's than my outfit today, in my new quiz of the week 'How 70's are you really?' Don't forget to come back and tell me in the comments whether you beat my flared 70's ass!

Asos rust shaggy gilet, boohoo fedora hat, boohoo glares, 70's style
Scribbling Away Xx 

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Quiz of The Week: How 70's Are You Really?

7 Things To Do When You Just Can't be Bothered For The Day

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

I don't know about you guys, but sometimes, but not often - but almost all of the time, I just can't be bothered for the damn day. Do any of you feel the same? Please put me out of my misery and reassure me that I'm not just a lazy old fart like the rest of those other "young" people.

Anyhow, sometimes, I just cannot be bothered to go about my daily duties. Sometimes I don't want to go to work and socialise with the beasts of society. Sometimes I just want to stay in, lounge about in my Harry Potter onesie (I don't own one of these btw, but this is my fantasy and it exists in my brain!) watch an entire season of Gossip Girl all day and feast on sweet potatoes, spinach sandwiches and almond milk to wash it all down! Scratch that. That sounds a bit too healthy for me, right?! Let's try that again..."Feast on KFC burgers, McDonald's chicken wraps and almond milk to wash it down (because let's face it, almond milk is the bomb dot com, whether you're a healthy eater or not!)

1. Go Back to Bed: The obvious thing to do when you're feeling a little bit lazy. Hit snooze on that alarm clock and drift into a slumber, dream like state. One where Leonardo Di Caprio is your husband and animals rule the world. I totally just made up that animal thing on the spot by the way, but how awesome would that be?! Lion's, tigers and bears for the win, no more Trumpeteers!

2. Netflix and Chill:
And no this is not the urban meaning for 'Netflix and chilling' I mean Netflix and chill In the most literal sense of the word. Which actually means an entire day of watching my favourite American TV shows on Netflix (with a borrowed password of course, because who actually has time for a Netflix account! Pfft!) and actually chilling i.e. relaxing, refreshing and doing absolutely N-O-T-H-I-N-G!
Source: Netflix & Chill Gif
3. Stay in Your Pyjamas All Day: Does this really warrant considering about? It is an absolute given every time you have a whole day free to yourself. It goes a little something like this: Wake up + stay in pyjamas all day + do all of the above points + read lots of blog posts + catch up on youtube videos = A wonderful flipping LIFE!!
4. Dance around your room: Dance around your room like you just don't bloody care (if you can be bothered to get up that is!) If you're still lounging in bed, dance in your mind. Ever heard the phrase dancing makes the heart grow fonder? No? Well me neither, I just made it up! But it sounds pretty accurate, right?
5. Plan your week: Ok, so you can't be bothered to get up and out of the house. You can't be bothered to change out of your pyjamas and you can't be bothered to get up and dance. But surely you can be bothered to get your notebook out and write a schedule down for the coming weeks. Use this time to get organised, it's not like you have this much time on other days, so why not make the most of it. Besides, all you really need is a notepad, a pen and a comfy bed and Bob's your uncle! Right?

6.  Ponder life: Sit, put on that £1.80 cosy tee from Primark (as wonderfully modelled by yours truly below), wait a while and ponder on this oddball of a thing we all call life! Contemplate life's biggest mysteries: for instance 'Why can't women urinate standing up?' and 'Why must bananas be shaped in the most phallic possible way EVER?! Ahh life, don't you just love it?!
7. Have a chin wag with your cat: Or a dog if you have one. Now I don't know about you guys, but my Tabby is just the best listener on earth! He's always there when I need him and he never judges or interrupts, heck he doesn't even say a word. And that's the way I like it! Right?!

So after coming to the conclusion that I have used the word 'Right' in the form of a question at the end of the nearly all of these points, far too much. I have realised that I seriously need to update my blogger vocabulary library. Note to self: Read less Cosmo and more Blog's that don't try to "diss" my blogging craft using really bad "satire". (No shade Cosmo)

I hope you all enjoy having a chin wag with your pet and doing other things from this list, when a day comes when you just can't be bothered!

As always thank you for reading, until next time, I'm...

Scribbling Away Xx 

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